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My Must-Have Collagen Supplement

As you probably know by now, I am obsessed with Further Foods’ collagen. Aside from all of the amazing health benefits that I have noticed over the years from using it (which I will get into shortly), I always recommend it to my clients because it dissolves quickly and without any gelling, so I never notice a difference when I add it to my broth. I have always loved that Further Foods offers individual serving packets of the collagen because I keep it in my purse so that if I ever buy a cup of bone broth when I am out, I can easily give it a collagen-boost.

But the reason why I am so thrilled right now is that Further Foods just took their collagen game a step further. The company just released a new Chocolate Collagen Peptides Plus Reishi Mushroom powder. I am obsessed with this new supplement because it promotes total body wellness and tastes great! Our bodies slow collagen production as we age, which is a primary reason for things like wrinkles, joint pain, and sagging skin. Further Foods’ collagen has made my skin, hair and nails extremely radiant. I honestly cannot recall another supplement that has made my skin look so fresh and revitalized. Further Foods’ new collagen provides significant bone and joint strength and it is crucial for maintaining optimal gut health, which you know is very important to me (and should be to you, too!). Research shows that collagen can also boost metabolism function by increasing lean muscle mass. Plus, the mix of Reishi mushroom is icing on the proverbial cake for me. If you work out, collagen is an incredible part of a muscle recovery and regeneration routine – I suggest it to all clients who weight train as well.

Reishi mushroom is the oldest mushroom known to be used medicinally and I have been a huge fan of it for many years now. Referred to as “the mushroom of immortality,” Reishi is thought to promote longevity, memory, intellectual capacity and liver health as well as prevent heart disease and lower blood pressure. The powerful medicinal mushroom has also been known to reduce inflammation and chronic fatigue as well as tumor growth and cancer. The Reishi mushroom has even proven to lessen anxiety and depression and improve sleep quality. Yes, it truly is magical. So, the fact that Further Foods has blended two of my all-time favorite supplements into one delicious powder has made me extremely happy.

Their collagen blend is made from grass-fed, pasture-raised collagen peptides and dark chocolate that helps to curb sugar cravings. Further Foods’ collagen powder is the only chocolate protein powder that I have come across that does not contain any gums, flavorings, stevia, or unnecessary additives. It is completely clean and made entirely from whole food ingredients, which is almost impossible to come by in a protein powder. I have been mixing the collagen-reishi powder into my morning coffee, but you can also add it to smoothies, bake with it, or even just add it to hot water to make a hot coco (though I, personally, would save this version of the beverage for the cooler months).

Further Foods’ Chocolate Collagen Peptides Plus Reishi Mushroom powder is available for pre-order now and you can get 15% off with the code: Elissa. Just click this link to order:

As a reminder: I only promote products that I 100% believe in and use myself. While I do receive compensation from specific brands, like Further Foods, I have a policy to only share brands I use and recommend to clients. On any given day you will find me having Further Foods collagen as part of my morning routine and it’s ALWAYS in stock at my office. Now that the Chocolate Collagen Peptides has been released, it will also be a part of my recommended supplement list for those looking to heal the gut, support digestive health, skin/hair/nails, muscle recovery, and to control cravings and increase satiation. 



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