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Pineapple’s Life Saving Enzyme


Cancer is a personal battle of mine and one I choose to fight with anyone who needs help. When I think of my experience, I’m so beyond grateful that I educated myself to take an integrative approach. It’s why I’m still here today.

I know how devastating a cancer prognosis is to hear, let alone comprehend. That is why I’m destined and more driven than ever to find new approaches to protect and heal my clients in natural ways.

New to me, the sweetest and juiciest fruit around is infinitely useful to humans. Pineapple is true medicine. Why? Because it’s one of the richest sources of the supernatural healing enzyme bromelain.

Bromelain’s ability to treat such a wide range of health problems is incredible. I’m blown away by its natural cancer fighting powers in addition to a long list of other benefits.

Here are 5 of the most impactful uses of bromelain:


Researchers have found that bromelain’s anti-tumoral effect is superior to an agent used in chemotherapy, 5-fluorauracil.

How can something found in the stem/core of a pineapple be superior to a drug that millions of cancer patients have trusted their lives upon and exchanged for billions of dollars?

Because chemicals do not behave the same way as natural substances. Bromelain has the ability to selectivity kill cancer cells and leave healthy cells and tissues unharmed. Conventional cancer treatments don’t have this selective ability, thereby destroying healthy cells as well and sucking away your quality of life.

The journal Anticancer Drugs stated that bromelain has the potential to be developed as a medicinal agent in treating cancer.

Digestive Disorders

Bromelain is an enzyme that specifically helps you break down proteins, aiding your body in digestion and absorption of nutrients. It is effective at healing issues in your gastrointestinal tract including:

-Inflammatory Bowel Disease

-Ulcerative Colitis


-Colon Cancer


-Crohn’s Disease


Bromelain does more than just mask a stuffy nose or itchy eyes and skin. Bromelain actually prevents your typical allergic reactions by addressing the root cause – regulating and adjusting your hyperactive, oversensitive immune system.

Sinus Infections

By decreasing the swelling of your nasal passages, bromelain helps clear breathing. It can also decrease mucus production and allow mucus to drain, relieving facial pressure and headaches that come with sinusitis.

Joint Pain

Bromelain is a potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent, decreasing arthritis and tendonitis pain and soothing tense and inflamed muscles and tissues.

If these healing powers sound just like what you need here are 3 ways to incorporate bromelain into your wellness plan:

1. Eat the fiber-rich core of a ripe pineapple. The riper the fruit, the softer the core will be. Enjoy fresh pineapple as an afternoon snack!

2. Juice the core of the pineapple and add in any other favorite fruits or vegetables. I recommend drinking 4 oz. a day to help prevent digestive issues and up to 8 oz. to treat ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease, or constipation.

My favorite: pineapple, celery, cucumber, asparagus, and lemon juice!

3. Take in supplement form. I love Thorne MF Bromelain and take 2 capsules (500mg each) a day. The most commonly prescribed dosage for Bromelain is 500mg daily. However for various conditions, different amounts may be recommended.

***Not recommended for use if peptic ulcer, gastritis, heartburn or allergy to pineapple is present.

If you’re interested in this product and finding out what amount to take for your specific health condition, please feel free to contact me so you can have an extra hand in healing!





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