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Silica: The Most Underrated Mineral (& My Favorite Supplement)

I have decided to start including Eidon’s Liquid Silica in the Detox Tonic in my S.O.U.P. Cleanse! You may have never even heard of Silica (not to be confused with silicone, a synthetic compound), but it is one of the most abundant naturally occurring compounds (silicon and oxygen, SiO2) on Earth! And it is the seventh most prevalent element in human tissue, just after calcium. The Earth’s crust is primarily Silica and can be found in most rocks, clays, and glass in the form of emerald, quartz, and sand. It also occurs in some plants, such as horsetail and nettle, and bivalves, such as mussels. But before we explore this mineral’s best sources, it is important to know why we must include it in our diets.

Why Do We Need to Consume Silica?

Silica is the catalyst required for the natural production of collagen—an important protein found in our skin, blood, cartilage, muscles, and ligaments—which reduces brittleness, breakage, and ridges in our hair and nails, plays a key role in keeping our skin looking young, and holds all of our cells in place.

Holding onto a more youthful appearance may well be enough to persuade you to incorporate it into your diet, but combating signs of aging is only the beginning of this mineral’s benefits. Silica works behind the scenes, too, as it is reported to increase bone mineral density and strength, support our organs, joints, bone formation and maintenance, and regulate calcium utilization and storage. It also helps maintain a healthy digestive tract lining which is essential for proper digestion and absorption of the food we eat.

As we age, our silica levels drop, which can adversely affect the body’s ability to maintain adequate levels of collagen, leading to weak joints, increased risk for bone fractures, dry skin, hair loss, and more. That is why I believe that we are never too young or too healthy to make sure that we are reaping the benefits of this miracle mineral.

Considering that silica has a hand in supporting cartilage health, joint function, strong bones, teeth, gums, hair, skin, nails, collagen production, and gastrointestinal tissues, a deficiency of this nutrient can result in deformities in bones, as well as poorly formed joints, reduced cartilage and collagen. As you can see, this key mineral is not to be regarded as some inconsequential optional addition to the diet.

Where Can You Find Silica?

Historically, the primary source of dietary silica was the outside husks derived from hand harvested and ground grains. Now that western diets consist mostly of refined grains like those in white flour and bread, we put ourselves at risk for a silica deficiency.

Foods that are high in silica include rice hulls, husks of whole grain, oats, millet, barley, rye, corn, potatoes, Jerusalem artichoke, red beets, asparagus, and horsetail plant. Deficient soils, over-processing, and over-cooking are partly to blame when it comes to a lack of silica in our diets, but getting the necessary range of all minerals via food is a problem that persists in the standard American diet—which is high in refined grains and low in unrefined complex carbohydrates.

For these reasons, our bodies typically do not receive enough essential minerals, so it takes them from the reserves in our bones and muscles, leaving us mineral-deficient and vulnerable. Further, sufficient stomach acid is needed to convert dietary silica into its active form, so food may not be the best bioavailable source, and, in my mind, supplementation is non-negotiable.

Which Silica Supplement Is Best?

My favorite form of silica is the Eidon Liquid Silica Supplement. It is all-natural, vegan, gluten-free, and highly bioavailable. It contains no starch, sugars, artificial flavors or colors, preservatives, or animal-derived ingredients. While capsules and soft gels may be less expensive, their coatings may upset sensitive stomachs. That is why I trust liquid silica supplements made by Eidon, who strives to create the purest products available by only using naturally derived elements with purified and de-ionized water.

Because silica is such an important and often overlooked, part of our diets, I am now adding it to the Detox Tonic in my S.O.U.P. Cleanse! In my Detox Tonic, every ingredient down to the water is intentional. From sipping for mood-enhancing and skin clearing benefits to promoting digestion and boosting immunity—the Detox Tonic is an essential cleansing and alkaline beverage. The addition of silica will help your body build and maintain healthy collagen levels and effectively manage calcium usage and storage as you detox.

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