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The #1 Book I Recommend to Clients

Reading is a huge part of my life. No matter where I am or what I have going on, books serve as a safe space for me to relax and wind down. Not to mention, they keep me up to date on newly emerging nutrition research. I consider a few books to be genuinely life-changing (and, in my case, lifesaving). I want to share one in particular with you that I recommend to all of my clients because I believe everyone should read this book, regardless of life stage or health status. I hope you take the time to read it—and that it profoundly enriches your life, too!


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Radical Remission is a book that is very special to me, as its premise—remission of cancer without conventional medicine—is something I have experienced personally. The author’s story is beyond inspiring:

Dr. Kelly A. Turner was counseling cancer patients at a research hospital when she came across a patient who healed from cancer without the help of Western medicine. This was her first time witnessing a case of what is commonly referred to as spontaneous remission, or as she calls it, radical remission, and she was in awe. She did not have to do much digging to find many, many more of these cases. This led her to pursue a Ph.D. in cancer research. During this time, she traveled the world for a year in search of radical remission survivors to collect their answers to this one simple question: “why do you think you healed?” After continued research and compiling all of the information she collected, she found nine key factors that radical remission survivors use to heal their cancer. 

I love this book is because it is so rare that we hear from cancer survivors who chose an unconventional path of healing—and succeeded. In our modern world it is easy to forget that we have more control—and more choice—than we realize. When I first received my cancer diagnosis, I was devastated, confused, and scared. My doctors were unsure what kind of cancer it was, yet they wanted to start radiation treatments and chemotherapy immediately with a sense of urgency and panic that was terrifying. Despite all of this, there was a little voice inside me that told me to do things my way, and miraculously, I listened, leading me to my own radical remission, too. 

The way I and all of the participants in Radical Remission healed from cancer isn’t the right way to heal because of the treatments we did or did not accept, but it’s the right way because we trusted ourselves to be the CEOs of our own lives. I never suggest that anyone abandon traditional therapy— my path to healing is not the only path. I am, however, an advocate of remembering that you control your life before anyone else, and you should always trust that little voice inside that is wiser than you think—it’s your precious intuition. 

Radical Remission is a deeply moving book that reminds us of the power of the incredible human spirit and one I continue to recommend to all of my loved ones. The best part? Dr. Kelly A. Turner’s research has become a proven science through real-life application of the key factors spelled out throughout Radical Remission. She has recently published a new book called Radical Hope which explores hundreds of new cases of radical remissions worldwide (and not only from cancer—others are now sharing their experiences of radical remission from other diseases, too). This book is also fantastic and definitely worth a read.

Have you read Radical Remission or Radical Hope by Dr. Kelly A. Turner? Reach out and let me know what you think!



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