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The Lowdown on Ozone Therapy & How it Helped Me Recover from COVID

If you’re suffering from any lingering COVID-19 symptoms, this blog post is for you. After I recently recovered from the primary symptoms of COVID, I still felt super low energy, fogged, and sluggish. I knew these long-hauler symptoms weren’t uncommon, but I was so tired of feeling tired! That’s when I discovered ozone therapy.

I listened to the episode of Dr. Mark Hyman’s podcast, The Doctor’s Farmacy, when he had Dr. Paolo Tordiglione on as a guest. Dr. Tordiglione is an expert in ozone therapy and has been studying the topic since 2000. They discussed the promising results of ozone therapy on lingering COVID symptoms, and my interest was immediately sparked. 

Ozone is a natural molecule that has been used for many years to heal wounds and kill bacteria. It’s one of the most potent bacteria killers and has turned out to be an extremely safe way to combat COVID symptoms. 

Ozone therapy pumps extra oxygen into the body to repair and support the immune system. It can help treat arthritis, macular degeneration, and even lasting symptoms left over from a bout of COVID. The ozone gas can be injected into the body or applied topically on the skin to encourage the body to repair itself. Antioxidants are boosted, blood vessels dilate, and oxygen pumps into the body throughout the duration of an ozone therapy session. 

The Traditional Applications of Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is typically used to reduce mold and treat Lyme disease, but it can also help those who have trouble breathing, diabetes, compromised immune systems, and more. Patients with COPD can find relief with ozone therapy because the lungs don’t have to work as hard to get oxygen. Risks of complications from diabetes like ulcers and wounds can be minimized by ozone therapy activating the immune system. 

Ozone therapy can also be beneficial to women going through breast cancer treatment. It’s an excellent option for pain relief during treatments and often doesn’t require additional medications with harsh side effects. Dr. Paolo Tordiglione found that breast cancer patients treated with ozone therapy had fewer complications, side effects from chemotherapy, and a better quality of life.

This form of therapy fights inflammation that can cause infections and pain, which is why it’s a terrific option for fighting viruses. One of the most exciting parts of ozone therapy is its promising results in stimulating the immune system. One study even found that participants suffering from HIV were able to reduce the amount of the HIV virus that was circulating within their bodies after ozone therapy treatments.

How I Used Ozone Therapy to Heal from COVID

After I recovered from the initial implications COVID, I was still feeling exhausted – both mentally and physically. I was feeling endlessly sluggish, with a headache, sinus pressure, and some serious mental fog. 

I was amazed at the changes that took place after my ozone therapy treatments! Since ozone therapy oxygenates the blood, it helped me feel energized again almost instantaneously. My brain fog immediately improved, and I felt much more like myself.

Ozone therapy shocks the immune system and triggers it to react to the COVID virus. Since the virus can hide in the body, this therapy retrieves the hidden deposits of the virus and destroys them. Ozone therapy also helps with indirect issues associated with COVID-19. Blood clots are a significant risk during and after a COVID infection. Ozone therapy can reduce the risk and severity of blood clots. It can help people recover faster and reduce hospital stays, making more beds available for those in need. 

Reports show that patients recover faster and have fewer symptoms from COVID when treated with ozone therapy. A European study found that ozone therapy improved inflammation and oxygen levels after treating 50 COVID patients. Ozone therapy can also be used as a preventative measure against COVID and can reduce the severity of symptoms if practiced in advance of a COVID-19 diagnosis. Dr. Paolo Tordiglione had some patients who regularly underwent ozone therapy who didn’t even realize they had the virus because their symptoms were so minor!

In addition to undergoing ozone therapy, I nourished my body with foods that help reduce long COVID symptoms. I filled my plate with beets, turmeric, and other anti-inflammatory foods. For more information on these foods, check out my blog post on the topic


I highly recommend checking out ozone therapy if you’re suffering from any lasting COVID symptoms. I like to practice ozone therapy in Los Angeles at Robertson Wellness Aesthetics. To discuss other lifestyle changes that can help with lingering symptoms like brain fog, exhaustion, and sinus pressure, book a one-on-one with me today!



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