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5 Superfoods on my Radar

Superfoods are defined differently depending on what source you are looking at. Generally, they are thought of as foods with high health benefits for your body as a result of their high nutrient density. I definitely agree that superfoods are nutritionally dense and can have major physical health benefits. But I think the best superfoods go beyond bodily health and can boost mental wellness as well. I advise all of my clients to add these five superfoods to their diets whenever possible to help promote the health of not only their bodies, but their minds and spirits as well.

Nettle Leaf

No, it’s not an herb invented for one of the Harry Potter books, but it does have some seriously magical healing properties. Nettle leaf is commonly ranked as one of the top healing foods because of its more than 700 phytochemicals. It also has immense positive effects on women’s adrenals and other parts of the endocrine system (including the ovaries). This is extraordinarily important for women who have been told by their doctors that they are experiencing hormone imbalances or that they may be experiencing early onset menopause.

In fact, nettle leaf might even be the best herb for the female reproductive system, period (no pun intended). Without getting into too much physiological detail, nettle leaf enhances egg production by supporting FSH (Follicle-Stimulating Hormone), which is the hormone responsible for producing eggs. On top of that, nettle leaf rids the body of other toxic hormones that come from outside sources.

Nettle leaf has benefits for parts of the body other than the reproductive and endocrine systems as well. It is majorly important for anyone experiencing stress as it is a fantastic adaptogen that can help to ease mental unrest. Nettle leaf has also been known to enhance mental clarity, so I recommend it to anyone who has been feeling disheveled or scatterbrained. It has powerful anti-inflammatory proponents and contains lots of silica, which is important for bone building and protection. If it sounds like the advantages of nettle leaf are endless, it is because they practically are!

I recommend using Gaia’s Nettle Leaf since it is organic and contains no alcohol.

Raw Honey

If you read my blog regularly or follow me on social media, you probably know that I am very strict and skeptical when it comes to sweeteners, even if they are natural. But raw honey is a god send (in moderation, of course). While honey is naturally sweet, it is completely different than the processed sugar that many of us are familiar with. The sugar in raw honey is highly absorbable and contains numerous different phytochemicals, including anti-cancerous phytochemicals and those that protect our bodies from radiation. In fact, these phytochemicals have been known to physically shut down the growth of cancerous tumors and cysts. Pretty amazing, huh?

Raw honey also contains tons of important minerals. It is high in manganese, calcium, potassium, zinc, chromium and more. Believe it or not, honey, in its natural form, also provides a lot of support to our immune system. It helps to strengthen macrophages, or white blood cells, that help to fend off pathogens. Therefore, raw honey is a great food to start incorporating into your diet if you feel the symptoms of a cold starting to creep in. Since honey is so beneficial to our immune system, it is subsequently helpful for reducing inflammation.

On a truly incredible note, raw honey can help to protect the brain against the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When someone experiences severe trauma, a chemical imbalance occurs, which is partially to blame for PTSD. But raw honey contains concentrated forms of high quality glucose. Glucose is a biochemical that provides a protective layer over the brain and neurological tissue against the harming effects of adrenaline and cortisol – two dangerous hormones released during times of stress. Therefore, raw honey can actually help to ward off PTSD.

YS Organic Raw Honey is unfiltered, ultra high quality and super delicious.

Sea Veggies

We ingest various kinds of heavy metals and other toxins regularly without having any knowledge of it. They are ingested into our bodies due to various environmental factors that we are exposed to daily such as some of the foods we eat and the air we breathe. It is a scary thought because toxic heavy metals can cause our nerves to degenerate. On top of that, heavy metals can damage and even ruin neurotransmitters, leading to mental health issues such as depression. That is why it is so crucial that we include sea vegetables (particularly those from the Atlantic Ocean) in our diet.

The term ‘sea vegetables’ can include nori, kombu, kelp, sea lettuce, rockweed, dulse, alaria and more. In the ocean, one of the primary jobs of sea vegetables is to absorb various heavy metals and other toxins and render them harmless by deactivating their destructive properties. When humans consume sea vegetables, the veggies activate the same filtration process for our bodies. Thus, they are helpful in thwarting heavy-metal related diseases such as Alzheimer’s, ADHD and epilepsy.

As the various seaweeds push poisons out of our bodies, they ensure that the only things they leave behind are the 50 minerals that they are packed full of. Sea veggies also aid in mental and emotional health since they produce electrolytes that are essential to lowering stress levels.

You can find various sea vegetables, like kombu and nori, at local health foods stores, Whole Foods Markets and even some mainstream grocery stores.

Chaga Mushroom

Surely you have heard of the term ‘medicinal mushroom’ over the last few years. It has been trending vastly, and for good reason. Chaga mushrooms are not even technically mushrooms. A more accurate description would be the growth that appears prior to a mushroom blooming. But chagas do have intense medicinal properties. They contain a wide variety of nutrients, vitamins and minerals including amino acids, iron, rubidium, vitamin D, B-complex vitamins, fiber, and so much more.

Chagas are a fantastic immune system booster as they contain incredible immune-enhancing nutrients that play a big role in revitalizing the body’s white blood cell count. Chaga ‘mushrooms’ help to fight off pathogens like harmful bacteria, viruses, toxins and other fungi like mold and yeast. Chaga mushroom is one of the absolute best foods for fighting off unhealthy fungi.

Chaga mushrooms are also great for fighting off cancer, strengthening red blood cells and bone marrow, regulating blood sugar and boosting the adrenals. They have also been known to slow the physical signs of aging like sagging skin. Chagas can also provide emotional support. They have been said to help those who feel emotional numbness and who may be uncertain of what next steps to take in life.

Next time you are feeling a little out of sorts, consider adding 1 teaspoon of Organic Chaga powder to 8 oz of hot water for a rejuvenating chaga tea.

Aloe Vera

You have probably scraped your knee or burned your thumb on a hot pot and someone suggested that you rub some aloe vera plant oil on the sore. The plant juice likely helped your wound (or any other external cut, bruise, bug bite, etc. that you may have had at the time). But you may be surprised to learn that ingesting aloe vera internally can actually yield even more positive results.

Aloe vera is great for digestion and can really aid in issues like constipation. It contains numerous trace minerals that work together to reduce inflammation in the gut. Therefore, it is super beneficial for anyone suffering from IBS, colitis, or Crohn’s disease. Aloe is really helpful in reducing pathogens that lead to various cancers such as colon cancer and rectal cancer. It is also extremely useful in killing off unhealthy H. pylori bacteria. Aloe vera has been said to be healing in emotionally trying times and periods of transition.

I recommend drinking Raw Whole Aloe Vera Juice, especially for those who are having any kind of digestive upset.


As always, please enjoy these superfoods after consulting with your physician to be sure they are right for you!



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