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5 to Thrive Gift Giving Guide

Being a conscious and inspired gift giver is an art.  My gift guide to thrive has something for every budget from stocking stuffer to splurge and I’m making this real simple for you.  I want your gift to speak volumes about the person you’re gifting. They are worthy of wellness, they are worthy of your thought, and we’re all worthy of thriving in our lives!  I chose my 5 to Thrive gift ideas based on what I’d love to give or receive and each one promotes positivity and balance in their own way, for budget conscious or a splurge.


Skin Worship Body Vibes ($34/6pack or $60/12-pack)  

When you’re vibrating at the right frequency, life is good. But, when your frequency drops, your health and mood suffer. Skin Worship’s revolutionary line of waterproof, hypoallergenic stickers target and restore specific energy imbalances in the body, lulling you back into a state of harmony using the latest advances in bio-frequency technology.

Body Vibes address everyday lifestyle concerns while flaunting cool body art, making them a fun, wear and share, chemical-free alternative to conventional health and wellness treatments. These make creative and beneficial stocking stuffers for anyone in your life who would benefit from a little energy balancing.  Skin Worship’s Body Vibe 12 pack features stickers for the following imbalances:

Self Love – For courage, healing and self confidence. Empower yourself!

Mental Focus – Stimulates productivity. Aids in mental clarity, hormone balancing and mood uplifting. Go get it!

Pain Relief – To relieve pain place on area of discomfort. Feel better!

Stress Relief – Alleviates stress, nervousness and anxiety. Take a time out!

Unicorn Skin – Increases cell turnover and reduces inflammation. Be beautiful!

Energy – Busy? Give yourself a lift and a positive attitude. Be happy!


Your Joyologoist “Slightly Sassy Goods”($10-$40)

This inspiring line of journals, lovenotes, pens, affirmation deck, and notepads was created by Tricia Huffman, aka Your Joyologist, and Tricia believes in living a life that she loves and loving her life, day in and day out, no matter what is happening. Now, that is a woman after my own heart! I admire her commitment to living life her way and not being stuck in the “what will everyone think about me, say about me” world.

Tricia created this amazing DAILY INSPIRATION to inspire us to truly live a life that we love.  Her inspiring merchandise line includes these amazing journals and notepads that I will be giving everyone on my list!


Energy Muse Shungite Cubes ($58.88 4-pack)

Energy muse is a conscious lifestyle brand that provides tools for empowerment, inspiration, and hope.  Their Shungite Cubes are amazing for removeing the abundance of Electro Magnetic Frequencies in our environment and grounding energy. Placing a Shungite Cube in each of the four corners of your room seals, protects and grounds the energy of your space. The shungite cubes work together to neutralize any negative energy, stress and negative emotions with positive energy, while creating a protective shield around your space.

They are wonderful to gift for those you love to place in their home, office, sacred space, or any environment they spend a lot of time in.


H. Gillerman Organics Tension Remedy ($33.60)& Stress Case Remedy ($48)

This is the gift for those leading a busy, active life. They can travel lite and take these with them wherever they go!  Tension Remedygives a tingling sensation to relieve headaches and relax neck and shoulder tension as it sharpens your focus, instantly. While, the Stress Case Remedy blend helps one find the composure to make thoughtful choices, so the day can flow smoothly.


Juicero ($700)

The Juicero is definitely a splurge, but who wouldn’t want fresh, organic, cold-pressed jucie at home in the touch of the button?! This is the first at home, single serve, cold-press juicer on the market (only downside, it’s still not available nationwide, but can be found to CA, AZ, and NV) and it makes your daily green juice a breeze.

With hand-selected farms, cutting-edge engineering, and some out-of-the-box thinking, the Juicero system brings cold-pressing technology (and nutrient-dense goodness) home. It’s all in the spirit of manifesting true health and making healthy living simplified.



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