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7 Ways Barley Grass Juice Powder Can Change Your Life

During the process of finishing my book, I was turned on to Barley Grass Juice Powder. At the time, I was knee deep into the process, yet not feeling so great myself. The process was cathartic, emotions came up, and I began to realize I wasn’t thriving the way I knew I could.

I was turned on to a protocol that included Vimergy Barley Grass Juice Powder and that is when things started to change for me.

Barley grass didn’t resolve those ruffled emotions, but the daily habit began to transform my health. My body literally began to crave my morning routine of barley grass juice powder and spirulina added to my detox water. A few weeks in and I began to notice changes and I am not kidding when I say, I began to feel vibrant!

As I learned more, I uncovered the many benefits of Barley Grass Juice Powder and the seven amazing ways it can change your life!

  1. Deep liver cleansing – One of the most significant benefits of barley grass is to cleanse the liver and eliminate toxic build up. A good analogy is the oil filter of the engine. Over time, if the filter is not maintained, it causes many issues to arise -issues that are not so easily identifiable, but all go back to the root cause of the dirty filter. Your liver is similar. An over-worked liver that is not properly cleansed will begin to cause issues from lethargy, memory loss, breakouts/acne, headaches and anxiety are just a few. The chlorophyll and beta carotene content in Barley Grass Juice Powder stimulate the elimination of waste and detox the liver on a daily basis.
  1. Immune System Support – Barley grass juice powder contains far more vitamin C than oranges. In addition copper is another immune boosting nutrient provided. These two factors increase your resistance to illness, helping you to fight off stress and fatigue while staying well. In addition, copper is essential for hemoglobin in red blood cells.
  1. Repair your DNA – Our DNA changes due to environmental and lifestyle factors, things like stress, chemicals and food additives, pharmaceutical can contribute to changing DNA. This is what leads to genetic abnormalities, premature aging, and sterility. The DNA damage women have can even affect the health of their pregnancy. Barley grass juice powder has been studied for its ability to strengthen DNA and prevent damage.
  1. Improve your skin health – My skin elasticity and tone improved after I began my protocol. Barley grass is a source of selenium and a protector of the elements, including environmental factors like smog and harmful UV rays that prematurely age the skin and leave it dull and lifeless. Barley grass increases skin vitality and helps keep the glow associated with good health. Barley grass contains chlorophyll, iron and vitamin B, all of which can renew and regenerate cells, which leads to maintaining healthy and youthful skin and hair.
  1. Use for cancer prevention – Barley grass contains superoxide dismutase enzyme and catalese enzymes, aka two amazing cancer prevention agents. These enzymes prevent proliferation and kill cancer cells. In particular, women can benefit from barley grass, as superoxide dismutase enzyme can help with breast cancer prevention.
  1. Prevent Osteoporosis – Barley grass juice powder contains phosphorus and copper, and contains 11 times more calcium than milk. It also provides manganese, which is crucial for bone production. While you cannot cure osteroporosis, you can slow the process and keep your bones in better condition
  1. Antioxidant Power – Barley grass has incredible antioxidant properties that can prevent development of diseases caused by oxidative stress. Along with B-12, vitamin E, beta carotene, the critical enzyme superoxide superoxide dismutase help neutralize the effects of oxygen free radicals.

Read more here for how to add Barley Grass Juice Powder into your diet.



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