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A Sneak Peek at My Next Book: Autoimmune Hacks

Writing my book Cancer Hacks was one of the most rewarding feats that I have ever accomplished. When I started receiving feedback from readers after it was published years ago, I finally felt like the nightmare of undergoing my various treatments and suffering in fear for so long finally had a positive outcome. I was able to share what I learned with other people who could benefit from my experiences. That is the main reason why I am so thrilled to be working on my second book, Autoimmune Hacks. It centers on the natural methods that I used to heal my Hashimoto’s disease and hypothyroidism. But before I release my book, I have decided to create a detailed guide that outlines the various sections of the book in a more condensed manner so that people can start benefiting from the information within it now.

Rates of autoimmune disease are increasing at a shocking rate – The National Institutes of Health state that approximately 23.5 million Americans are currently affected by autoimmune disease. Most of these diseases are still being studied, so the causes of many of them are still largely unknown. When you take a step back and look at it from a big picture perspective, the fact that we know very little about the different kinds of autoimmune diseases starts to make sense: there has only been $591 million spent by the NIH on autoimmune disease research compared to $6.1 billion spent on cancer research. Autoimmune diseases can present themselves with a practically limitless variety of symptoms, from fatigue and weight gain to inflammation and general soreness. If you have been living with uncomfortable symptoms that you have simply accepted as the norm, this Autoimmune Hacks guide is for you. It is more imperative now than ever before to become educated on the signs and symptoms of autoimmune diseases, as well as the best practices, both pharmaceutical and holistic, of how to treat them.

Talking with Doctors

My Autoimmune Hacks guide walks you through the ways to speak with your doctors about your concerns of a potential autoimmune disease. So many times, we listen to our doctors when they tell us that nothing is wrong. But just because our doctors say that there is nothing of concern going on inside our bodies, it does not necessarily mean that is the truth. While I believe that most doctors are very well intentioned, we are the only ones who really know what feels right and wrong with our bodies. I provide you with guidance on how to trust your gut regardless of what your doctor says along with recommendations for which kind of doctors I believe are the most helpful to work with. I include a list of the most important tests to ask for when determining whether or not you have an autoimmune disease like Hashimoto’s as well as the tests that detect hidden infections and heavy metal toxicity. These tests are much more encompassing than the few general tests that many doctors recommend to their patients concerned about autoimmune disease.

Myths vs. Facts

I also acknowledge a lot of the myths around autoimmune disease and I run through some of the most important facts. Because there has been relatively little research done on autoimmune diseases, there is a significant amount of confusion and misinformation out there. I address myths such as whether or not the body is actually attacking itself, whether autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s and hypothyroidism can be reversed, if genetics are to blame for the illnesses, which environmental factors can play a role in autoimmune disorders, what your symptoms should look like during treatment and so much more.

Supplements & Food

I have broken down the absolute best supplements to take for people who have autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s and why they are so critical. Many of us do not realize how imperative proper nutrient intake and absorption are for prevention and treatment of autoimmune issues. For example, vitamin D can modulate the innate and adaptive immune responses, yet so many of us are low in the important vitamin. I walk you through the optimal ways to adjust your diet to lower your risk of an autoimmune diagnosis and increase your chances of a quick recovery. I have clearly listed which foods should be eaten regularly and which ones should be avoided at all cost along with explanations as to why so that you can learn the fundamentals of autoimmune nutrition protocol.

Gut Health, Toxins & More

I also delve into gut health and examine the ways that it can directly impact autoimmune illnesses along with what steps to take to improve your gut microbiome. I take a detailed look at where viral toxins exist in our everyday lives and how to best avoid them. And since stress is so highly correlated with various autoimmune diseases, I explain my absolute favorite ways to limit my own stress, including the most beneficial adaptogens to use.

Some of the most crucial questions that are addressed in my Autoimmune Hacks guide include:

  • What symptoms should I be paying attention to?
  • Who should I reach out to if my gut tells me something is off?
  • Should people with Hashimoto’s avoid cruciferous vegetables?
  • Is it okay to eat soy if I have a thyroid-related autoimmune disease?
  • Are genetics to blame for my illness?
  • What viral toxins cause autoimmune issues and how can I avoid them?
  • Which supplements best help to reduce the impacts of Hashimoto’s and other autoimmune diseases?
  • Could the water that I drink be contributing to my illness?

My 14-page Autoimmune Hacks document is completely free! To receive your copy of Autoimmune Hacks, simply enter your e-mail here. (Please note: if you have already signed up for the newsletter, you can email for a copy).

If you already have an autoimmune disease and are interested in receiving guidance on nutrition protocol for how to treat it, I would love to work with you! E-mail me at to set up an appointment – either in-person or virtually.



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