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Black Garlic: Gustatory Adventure


When I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, one of the first healing foods I turned to was garlic.  I wish black garlic was around at that time, with its milder taste and not so pungent smell, I may have been more approachable!  I think people were avoiding me, because the smell of garlic was seeping out of my pores! 😉

There are different opinions about black garlic, some think that it is just a new fad for foodies, but black garlic is still potent when it comes to health, and its benefits should not be overlooked.

Black garlic can be a little intimidating and might even look a little funky, with its soft black cloves that can border on mushy! But, don’t be afraid, this is a “supercharged” garlic with amazing cancer fighting powers!

Black garlic gets its black color from going through very controlled fermentation process.  The perfect balance of temperature, humidity, and time produces black cloves, with a very mild flavor, subtlety reminiscent of garlic with a specific aroma, making it more appealing to some people.  The taste is slightly sweet and chewy, compared to that of a dried dark fruit.  The odor of garlic is almost non-existent, and the strong bite does not exist.  This is a perfect time to retry garlic if you have found yourself a little too sensitive to it in the past!

Here are five things to know about black garlic and your health:

  • Black garlic offers superior health benefits.  The aging process converts garlic into a super-powered version, changing the chemical makeup, contributing to its potency and increasing its antioxidant levels to double that of white garlic, including producing abundance of the chemical S-allyl cysteine, boosting immunity and preventing viral, bacterial and yeast infections
  • S-allyl cysteine, lowers cholesterol by interfering with its synthesis, the same process as that of the cholesterol statin drugs without the side effects of statin and has been shown to improve overall cardiovascular health with its anti-inflammatory and anti-clotting effects
  • S-allyl cysteine assists with the absorption of Allicin (another garlic anti-bacterial and anti-viral compound), helping our bodies metabolize it more easily.  Although, found in all garlic, S-allyl cysteine is super concentrated in black garlic, and responsible for fighting infection and improving immunity
  • S-allyl cysteine was shown to prevent the degeneration of the brain’s frontal lobe, improving learning and memory retention and extended life span. On a physical level, this compound is important in protecting us from the compounded toxic effects of pollution and UV rays which equal major anti-aging benefits for our skin
  • Black garlic contains Super Oxide Dismutase (SOD)*, an enzyme that removes superoxide radicals (most common free radical in our body) and repairs and reduces damage caused by free radicals.  This is a form of natural antioxidant that is very important in cancer fighting.  Super Oxide Dismutase inhibits cancer cell growth, slowing or reversing the process.  Mice studies have confirmed that tumor growth slows and shrinks when black garlic is introduced to the system.  SOD also prevents side effects of cancer drugs, which is incredible, as your body needs all the nutritional support it can get during conventional cancer treatment methods.

*It is important to note that the body needs plenty of vitamin C (leafy greens, broccoli, citrus, tomatoes) and copper (avocado, chickpeas, cashews, kale) to make this natural antioxidant; so be sure to meet your daily requirements of these.

I am so excited to show you ways to try black garlic!  This week, I am cooking up a full menu of black garlic inspired dishes to try with my family.  I will be sharing these on my blog at the end of the week, so you can also see, in addition to being incredibly good for your health, just how delicious black garlic can be!



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