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Bone Broth: Winter’s New Healthy Drink


I’m always looking for powerful healthy ways to start my day. Since winter is in the air, I have discovered the warm comfort of bone broth. It fits perfectly into my routine, because of its unbelievable realm of health benefits. To keep me satiated until lunch, I blend in a tablespoon of ghee.

I mostly promote a plant-based lifestyle, because these are the nutrient-dense foods that are going to keep you heathy and cancer free. However, even I can’t deny some of the benefits of animal protein every once in awhile.

Bone broth sounds a bit funky though it’s really not once you understand its health and healing properties. You can choose to make your bone broth with any type of grass-fed animal: beef, whole organic chicken, or pork. Each will have a distinct flavor so you can experiment with the taste that appeals to you.

Bone broth was practically made for those with leaky gut, which is when partially undigested foods, toxins, yeast, and bacteria pass through your intestine and into your bloodstream. Reoccurring leaky gut leaves your intestinal lining damaged causing injured cells, microvilli, the inability to perform properly. Digestion becomes debilitated and the body cannot absorb essential nutrients. Your body responds with inflammation, allergic reactions, autoimmune disorders, and a number of other symptoms.

Gelatin is one of the most important nutrients for healing and sealing the gut because it spackles holes in the gut lining, preventing food and bacteria from leaking. The gelatin found in bone broth does just that and also supports healthy digestion by attracting and holding liquids, including digestive juices.

If you don’t have gut problems, bone broth has other amazing nourishment effects. This soothing broth is equipped with profound immune-optimizing components and the ability to rid of toxins. Bone broth is home to the amino acid glycine which gives your liver the fuel to do its job as the master organ of detoxification.

Glycine’s other positive effects include calming sensations to help you get a better night’s sleep, and in combination with bone broth’s compounds proline and arginine amino acids, inflammation is reduced.

Bone broth is also known to alleviate joint pain, promote healthy hair, skin, and nail growth, and its calcium and magnesium aid in strong and healthy bones.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, I have a perfect alternative for you. Check out my link for super vegan mineral broth and see why that is great for you too.



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