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Brain Health on Your Mind? This Could be the Supplement for You!

As a reminder: I only promote products that I 100% believe in and use myself. This post is sponsored by Cognitive Clarity Inc., the makers of Percepta®, but all opinions expressed within are my own. I have been using Percepta®for over 30 days now and based on my results, I will be continuing to take it.

If you would have asked me my health concerns fifteen or twenty years ago, brain health probably wouldn’t have made the list – although it probably should have. It’s funny how age changes your priorities…and your needs. I’m riding the wave of my last year in my fifties and it’s safe to say the things I need now are unique to this stage in my life. I’m still going a mile a minute, my energy is up, but brain fog seems to have set in over the past five years. The fear of memory loss that I have seen happen to family and friends now feels like a real concern. A good friend of mine, with an inside scoop on supplements, recommended Percepta®, a supplement for memory support, I was up for trying it out.

Percepta® is a supplement designed to prevent normal age-related memory loss that was created by two leading neuroscientists, Dr. Alan Snow and Dr. Rudy Tanz. It is intended to help combat the memory loss due to the accumulation of plaques and tangles in the brain and decrease the potential of memory loss. Most people suffer from memory loss as they age so it is in people’s best interest to take Percepta®in order to maintain their brain health and not become a victim of memory loss. Percepta®is believed to be the world’s first nootropic to inhibit and reduce plaques and tangles in the normal aging brain.

Percepta®is plant-based and contains just two ingredients, PTI-00703®cat’s claw and MemorTeaTM. Percepta’s PTI-00703®extract is from cat’s claw (Uncaria tomentosa) that grows in the Amazon rain forest. MemorTea (Camellia sinensis) is derived from a specific oolong tea extract and is sourced from the Guan Yin mountains in China. Peruvian tribes have used cat’s claw for immune support for centuries. The Percepta research team discovered that cat’s claw was a potent inhibitor and disrupter of brain plaques, they spent decades researching various plants to identify the specific cat’s claw that produces the most effective activity against brain plaques. They discovered PTI-00703®cat’s claw and successfully patented the cat’s claw itself for targeting memory, cognition, focus, and concentration and the polyphenol ingredients within the product. No other supplement on the market contains these two natural patented ingredients! While most brain supplements on the market contain up to 10-20 different ingredients, the many nutraceutical ingredients in these other brain supplements that are effective alone can end up being ineffective when mixed together.

Percepta®is effective because the ingredients consist of powerful polyphenols and active proanthocyanidins (epicatechin-dimers) that enter the brain within minutes of being in the blood. Percepta®is recommended for everyone starting at the age of 20, which is when individual’s brains begin to slow due to the accumulation of plaques and tangles (and when I should have started to care about brain health instead of how I looked in a bikini! lol).

I’m into my first full month of taking it and noticing a few changes. I take it with my morning green juice. My concentration and focus have shown improvements or noticeable changes and I’m impressing myself with renewed sense of “clear” headedness. Even more importantly, I’m feeling better knowing that I am taking steps to reduce my risk of memory loss and later potential brain related problems. If you’re interested in trying Percepta® order now and get 10% off a 3 pack with code ElissaGoodman10 at check out at



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