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Himalayan Salt Lamp: Purifying Your Air


Our highest exposure to polluted air doesn’t take place on the freeway, in the city, or industrial areas (unless you’re working in the coal mine!) most often it’s in our homes! We suffer from invisible pollution to our air, in the form of electromagnetic frequency waves, aka “electro smog”.

Electro smog can attribute to:

  • Bodily stress
  • Increased anxiety or nervousness
  • Sleep interruptions
  • Lack of concentration
  • Damaging free radical build up in the body

From detoxifying house-plants to naturally derived air fresheners, there are many ways to clean up your dirty air, but perhaps none quite as exotic as Himalayan Sea Salt lamps.  These lamps have the ability to clean up air pollution AND combat the overwhelming amount of “electro smog” that we’re exposed to in our homes.

In the case of Himalayan Salt Lamps,  there’s much more flavor than meets our taste buds!

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Salt lamps are quite literal, they’re large pieces of pure Himalayan Salt, lit with a bulb from within.

It is essential that you verify the lamp is pure Himalayan Salt and not made with rock salt.  Your lamp should be high enough quality to eat!  These lamps are made with pure, food grade salt crystals.  If you’re in a pinch, you should be able to scrape off powdered salt right from your lamp.

How do they work?

Have you ever wondered why you feel innately refreshed after a summer rainstorm or when spending time on the water?  Just as negatively charged ions surround waterfalls, serene mountain tops, and seashores, salt too lends itself to negatively charged air.

Himalayan salt lamps are natural negative ion generators.  It is the pairing of heat from the light and properties of the salt that produce negative ions.  Salt attracts water to gather at its surface, where it quickly evaporates due to the heat source.  This evaporation process produces negative ions.

What do negative ions do for us?

Negative ions provide us with a sense of energy and refreshed breathing.  Negative ions are also known to protect against germs in our air, decreasing our sensitivity to those pesky particles that typically make us sneeze or wheeze!

Airborne mold, allergens, germs, and bacteria in our air often carry a positive charge, these can be neutralized by negative ions.  In addition to cleansing the air we breathe, negative ions can even neutralize other positive ions aka “electro smog” in your home environment caused by cell phones, computers, TV’s, microwaves, and even electronic cleaning devices like vacuums.

Where can you find them?

You can order authentic, certified Himalayan Salt lamps through a trusted source online, Dr.Mercola.  If you choose to purchase elsewhere, here my rules to buy by:

  • Choose lamps and candle holders only made from pure Himalayan salt crystals
  • Sourced from selective mines where room-and-pillar manual methods of mining are still performed to preserve the quality of the salt crystals
  • Meticulously produced with excellent transparency to provide vibrant, rich color to enhance their soothing glow in your home – quality counts!

Not ready to go full salt lamp?  A great way to test out the benefit is with a more affordably priced Himalayan Salt candle holders or tea light candles.

I have a salt lamp in my office. In addition to its cleansing properties, it sends a soothing glow that helps keep me grounded and relaxed.




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