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Elissa’s Detox Tonic

Change starts with a choice.  Choices lead to healthy habits. Healthy habits lead to total well-being.

I’m often asked in interviews what one habit anyone can start to create a daily practice to support health.  I proudly share my not-so-secret part of my routine, it’s included on my Cleanse, and I tell everyone I know about it.

That would be my Detox Tonic.

I created my Detox Tonic out of a desire to simplify daily cleansing. Just one 12-16 oz. detox tonic offers many different benefits, and every ingredient, including the water, has an intention and a purpose. My detox tonic is an alkaline beverage that is mood-enhancing, skin clearing, digestion promoting, and immunity-boosting! My detox tonic contains:

Aloe Vera juice – Contains powerful antioxidant compounds that help balance metabolism and boost the immune system, can ease constipation and improve digestion, and is said to enhance insulin sensitivity and help improve blood sugar management. In addition, aloe vera juice contains a wealth of nutrients. vitamins A, B12, C, and E and minerals potassium, magnesium, and zinc.

Tonix Coconut Kefir – Natural supplier of probiotics to the digestive tract, it’s easily digested, cleansing to the digestive tract, provides beneficial bacteria, vitamins, and minerals, and promotes a healthy immune system

Lemon juiced – Lemon interacts with enzymes to stimulate gastric juices and aid the liver in producing more enzymes, helping it release toxins as well as cleansing the arteries and blood.  Lemon contains vitamin C which improves skin and revitalizes the body.  The most notable benefits are improved digestion, increased mineral absorption, and anti-inflammatory properties.

1-2 inches fresh ginger, juiced – A proven effective digestive aid, ginger reduces gas and intestinal discomfort, helps to prevent stomach ulcers and bad bacteria from inhabiting the gut, and contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce pain and symptoms of inflammation. Fresh ginger also has anti-viral properties and has even been found to protect you from the common cold.

Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar – Provides proteins, enzymes, and friendly bacteria to the gut. Apple cider vinegar helps the body maintain an alkaline state and can give you a natural energy boost while helping the body detox. It can help detoxify the liver and stimulate circulation.

Mary Ruth’s Liquid Probiotic – Provides extra probiotics to help with the digestive track 

Philosophie Liquid Chlorophyll – Helps stimulate the immune system, detox the body, clean your intestines, and energizes the body.

Filtered Water to your taste level – My “secret” ingredient. Water is my go-to for everything! 


12 ounces Tonix Coconut Kefir

4 ounces Lakewood Organic Pure Aloe Inner Leaf 

4 tsp Braggs’s Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

6 lemons, juiced approximately 4 ounces

5 inches fresh ginger root, juiced approximately 2 tbsp  

16 ounces filtered water 

6 droppers of Mary Ruth’s Certified Organic Liquid Probiotic

6 droppers of Philosophie Organic Chlorophyll  


Add all ingredients into a jar, finish with filtered water, and shake well.  Best serve chilled.



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