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My #1 Stress-Reducing Supplement: Ashwagandha (& My Favorite Brand for It)

Ashwagandha has been on my radar and a part of my health regimen for a long time. It is one of my favorite apoptogenic herbs because it works absolute wonders for stress regulation (among other benefits which I will dive into shortly). Ashwagandha is considered to be one of the most crucial apoptogenic herbs in Ayurveda for that exact reason – it has helped countless people regulate their stress response for centuries.  

I started incorporating ashwagandha into my daily routine many years ago when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. It was a lifesaver during one of the most challenging phases of my life. Stress, and the subsequent adrenal dysfunction, are major triggers of Hashimoto’s, so controlling my stress levels naturally was critical for my wellbeing. Many holistic health practitioners believe that certain adaptogens like ashwagandha work to stabilize the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, thus relieving adrenal disorder. Plus, research shows that ashwagandha also helps to lower cortisol levels. I truly believe that ashwagandha played a large role in my recovery – and I know that it still works to maintain my health to this day.

Aside from aiding in adrenal function by relieving stress and lowering cortisol levels, ashwagandha (which I like to refer to as the miracle root!), also boasts seemingly countless other health benefits. Some of the most noteworthy ones include anxiety relief, mood balance, and it also immunity improvement. See what I mean when I say that it is a miracle in plant form? I, personally, also find that ashwagandha helps to increase my energy levels and reduce fatigue when I need it to the most. I find that I rely on caffeine to boost my energy much less when I am regularly incorporating ashwagandha into my supplement regimen.

I have tried so many different brands for ashwagandha supplements over the years, but none have resonated with me quite as much as Further Food’s new Premium Ashwagandha Maximum Strength supplement. The capsules are vegan, and the supplement is super unique because it is the first and only ashwagandha supplement to include bioavailability boosters in the form of avocado oil & black pepper for more effective absorption. By mixing it with avocado oil and black pepper, the ashwagandha is more easily able to absorb in the body and it even starts working faster.

Further Food’s Premium Ashwagandha supplement is of the highest potency full-spectrum ashwagandha. I recommend taking 1 capsule for 662 mg rather than 2 capsules of their pure ashwagandha root powder packed with withanolides for maximum benefits. Just like all of Further Food’s other products, the adaptogen supplements are independently lab-verified to ensure the highest quality, purity, and potency, which makes me trust that what I am taking is completely safe. And yes, this testing also refers to heavy metals! What impresses me even more about this supplement is that it is organic. You really cannot find another ashwagandha supplement that checks all of these boxes. The fact that it is reasonably priced is just the cherry on the cake.

There are some known side effects like upset stomach, diarrhea and vomiting if you take too much ashwagandha. I recommend checking with your doctor before starting on a new supplement.

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