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Are These Entertaining Health Podcasts on Your Radar?

I really do not know what I did before podcasts became so popular. I absolutely love throwing one on whenever I am taking a drive to visit a friend, running an errand and do not feel like tuning into the chaos around me, cooking dinner, or even just relaxing with a glass of wine on a Friday night. With the evolution of podcast culture, there are more shows to choose from than ever before and that can get kind of overwhelming – at least for me! But after hours upon hours of research and trial and error, I have dialed in on my absolute favorite health-related podcasts and I want to share them with you so that you can enjoy them too!

Goop and Goop Fellas Podcasts

I have been a fan of Goop’s original podcast for a long time. On it, Goop’s Founder Gwyneth Paltrow chats with Goop’s Chief Content Officer Elisa Loehen about all things health. They interview leading thinkers, industry disruptors and culture changers and I always learn something from the episodes. Earlier this year, Goop launched its Goop Fellas podcast with hosts chef Seamus Mullen and functional medicine practitioner, Will Cole. Chef Mullen almost died from an autoimmune disease and Will Cole works with patients to get to the root cause of their health issues on a daily basis, so the information they provide on the podcast is invaluable. (PS. I was on this podcast recently, so check out my episode!).

Nutrition Facts with Michael Greger, MD

Dr. Michael Greger’s podcast, Nutrition Facts, is definitely one of my absolute favorites right now. You may have heard of Dr. Greger because he is the founder of as well as the popular book, How Not to Die. Dr. Greger delves into a wide range of topics on his show, from which methods of cooking vegetables are the healthiest, to the latest in men’s health, to how CBD may impact women’s health and more. Each episode is only about fifteen minutes long, so you can definitely fit in at least one every day, no matter how short your commute is.

Natural MD Radio

There is no way that I could create a podcast list and leave Dr. Aviva Romm off of it. Dr. Romm is someone whom I look up to very much. She is a Yale-trained MD who practices integrative and functional medicine and her podcast, Natural MD Radio, is absolutely fabulous. On her show, she discusses the fact that we do not need a pill for everything, the danger of over medication, women’s empowerment, healing in natural ways, and much more.

Better Together with Maria Menounos

The radiant Maria Menounos interviews nutrition and health experts every Friday on her show Better Together with Maria Menounos. I had the honor of sitting down with Maria on her show recently to discuss the topic of autoimmune diseases and thyroid issues. We talked about my new Autoimmune Hacks guide as well as the symptoms, causes, and solutions for the autoimmune diseases that are affecting so many of us. Every episode of Maria’s show is super insightful, and her elevating energy is bound to put you in a positive mood.

Medical Myths Legends & Fairytales

Speaking of thyroid issues, Dr. Alan Christianson is a thyroid expert who examines a lot of today’s largest health controversies on his show, Medical Myths Legends & Fairytales. Some of my favorite episodes of his show have included topics related to vaccines, soy, pesticides and grains. These podcast episodes are an hour long, so they are perfect for if you have a long drive ahead of you or want something to listen to while you sip your tea on a calm Sunday morning.

The Doctor’s Farmacy’s with Mark Hyman M.D.

Dr. Mark Hyman knows that the foods we are consuming are a primary contributor to the chronic diseases that many of us face. In his podcast The Doctor’s Farmacy, he delves deep into this idea and discusses many of the most pressing issues of our time in the space of health, wellness, food and politics. I am a huge fan of this one and listen to it as often as possible.

Once Upon a Food Story

Elise Museles’ podcast, Once Upon a Food Story, takes a look at the psychology around eating and other health-related topics. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Elise on her show and talking about how to thrive and live your fullest life, rather than just surviving. I love how honest her conversations are and I really enjoy the fact that she incorporates topics into her show that, at first listen, may seem unrelated to health. However, by the end of the episodes, it always becomes clear that so many more issues are related to our overall health than we realize. For example, one of Elise’s recent episodes focuses on the fact that decluttering your physical space can help to calm your mind, which has other positive effects on your health.

SuperSoul Conversations

Last, but not least, I always find Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast to be very entertaining. I know this podcast is not new or hip and you are probably already familiar with it, but I always feel so much more connected to the world around me whenever I listen to one of these episodes so I have to include it. Oprah interviews spiritual luminaries, best-selling authors, thought leaders and, of course, health and wellness experts on her show. Last month, Oprah interviewed Dean and Anne Ornish about how simple changes we make in life can drastically reverse the aging process as well as many chronic diseases.


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