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How to Energetically Connect to Your Supplements

As a healing modality used to complement a well-balanced diet, proper supplementation can be an incredible tool for preventing deficiencies and lowering the risk of developing chronic disease. From vitamins and minerals to herbs and botanicals, more than 75 percent of Americans (including myself!) report regularly taking supplements to improve their health.

Although the right supplements can be beneficial, several of my clients and followers have come to me complaining of medicine cabinets overflowing with pills, powders, and tinctures that end up doing more harm than good. The unfortunate truth is that many people are over-supplementing – relying solely on external recommendations from numerous doctors, nutritionists, and social media influencers without tuning into their body’s internal needs. What is equally nerve wracking is that people are falling into perpetual cycles of trial and error – wasting thousands of dollars each year – in an effort to find supplements that work for them. 

To avoid ingesting substances that may not benefit my body, I personally rely heavily on the subconscious ability to energetically connect to my supplements before I take them. Referred to as muscle testing or applied kinesiology, this method allows me to instinctively identify which supplements my body truly needs and which ones it does not need. In fact, I can often feel myself energetically distant from certain supplement brands, while energetically connected to others. Therefore, I am able to tap into my body’s innate ability to recognize what aids in its healing processes and what stifles healing from occurring. Allow me to explain below.

What is Muscle Testing?

What if I told you that there is an area of our minds that we have yet to tap into to unlock the full potential of our health and healing journeys? With over 100 billion neurons, it is estimated that 5 percent of our brain activity is conscious, while the remaining 95 percent is subconscious. Yet, we predominately operate out of our limited conscious mind that only focuses on what is in our immediate awareness. However, it is the subconscious mind that holds the ability to store information beyond our current awareness about our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Therefore, muscle testing is a technique that can be used to intuitively access the subconscious mind to receive answers about our physical needs – including what specific foods and supplements will improve or hinder our health. 

The basic premise behind muscle testing is that the body contains and is surrounded by energy that the subconscious mind is sensitive to. This energy flows through the muscles within the body and sends signals to the subconscious mind about imbalances that may arise. As a result, the muscles may weaken in response to something that is not beneficial to the body’s energy, or they may strengthen in the presence of something that is helpful. These opposing musculoskeletal responses are what have made muscle testing a useful tool in my own practice. Not only have I been able to tap into my own subconscious mind, but also my clients’ by using various muscle testing methods to assess the body’s response to different supplements. 

Muscle Testing to Energetically Connect with Supplements

Muscle testing is an invaluable technique because dietary and supplemental needs vary greatly from person to person. Therefore, I am a strong proponent of energetically connecting to my supplements to ensure they align with my unique biochemical needs. Utilized as a part of a holistic nutritional diagnostic examination, I have found the following muscle testing methods to be the most beneficial for myself and my clients:

The Arm Test

Just as the name implies, the arm muscles are used to determine what supplements are helpful or harmful. When I use The Arm Test on my clients, I place the supplement of choice in their right hand and instruct them to stand up straight with their left arm held out parallel to the ground. I then place my hand on their right shoulder for stability and press down on the extended left arm to test for strength or weakness. If the supplement is beneficial, my client’s energy will continue to flow through their arm, allowing the muscles to maintain full strength. But, if the supplement is not suited for them, the energy will temporarily stop flowing through their arm, and the muscles will weaken. This process is truly amazing, as it helps my clients sort through which supplements will improve or worsen their health. 

The Index Finger and Thumb Test 

The Index Finger and Thumb Test is one of my favorite ways to energetically connect with my supplements when I am standing in a health store and want to be more discrete. It is super simple to complete. All I have to do is lift up my non-dominant hand and straighten my thumb and index fingers out to form two parallel lines, while firmly spacing them apart. Then, I take the same two fingers on my other hand and place them over my non-dominant fingers. With the supplement placed right in front of me, I press firmly on my non-dominant fingers to test for strength or weakness. Similar to above, if my fingers maintain their strength, the supplement is beneficial. But if my muscles weaken, then I will not take the supplement!

The Standing Test

Out of all of the muscle testing methods, The Standing Test, also known as The Sway Test, is the one I used the most on myself and with my clients. It is my go-to because it is the easiest technique to follow. I simply stand up straight with my feet shoulder width apart, while physically holding the supplement against my stomach. With my feet planted on the ground and my body relaxed, I allow my body to either be pulled backward or forward with the energetic pull of the substance. If I feel myself rocking forward, this means that I am energetically aligned with the supplement. However, if I find that my body is swaying backward, then I am not energetically aligned, and the supplement is not the right fit. I often continue this process with multiple supplements until I have come across one that perfectly aligns with my internal needs. 


Like many things in life, if you aren’t energetically aligned with what you are using to assist your body in its natural healing processes, you are not going to experience true health and wholeness. Muscle testing is a profound tool that takes the guesswork out of choosing the right supplements. If you want to learn more about using this technique, consider booking a one-on-one consultation with me.



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