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MSM Face Mist


One of my favorite new cookbooks is Everyday Raw Detox I have loved trying out their great selection of juices and salads and other raw treats. I kept flipping pages and landed on their recipes for at-home body scrubs, face masks and my new favorite beauty product, their MSM Face Mist.

For all of you out there who fear your next birthday just as much as I do, this is a little refreshing treat that can’t stop you from getting older, but certainly can help you look like you’ve stopped aging! MSM helps produce collagen, improves your complexion by building new and healthy tissues, pushes toxins out and is a natural anti-inflammatory. Plus, mixed with the calming chamomile, anti-irritant and astringent rose water, moisturizing aloe vera gel and healing lavender oil, this is a facial home-run.

I’ve found myself addicted to using this throughout the day. I keep my bottle near my computer for an instant pick-me-up and after using it for a few weeks I can tell my skin is healthier, stronger and clearer. I love this spray!

Make a bottle for yourself and some for your friends – I guarantee they will be feeling even more blessed to have you in their life!

MSM Face Mist


1 cup distilled water

4 T chamomile tea leaves

2 T rose water

2 T aloe vera gel

1 drop lavender essential oil

1 tsp MSM powder

1 spray bottle


Warm the water. If it is already distilled, it doesn’t need to be boiled. Add chamomile leaves to warm water and brew for 5-7 minutes. Strain out chamomile and allow the brew to cool. Stir in remaing ingredients, place in a spray bottle and enjoy!



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