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My Favorite Second Generation Peptides & Their Noteworthy Powers

Last week, I published a blog about the basics of peptides (you can check it out here). In it, I discussed the foundations of peptides as well as some of their general health benefits. 

Today, I want to inform you about the incredible powers of second generation peptides. There are some noteworthy ones that can help with issues ranging from low libido to sleep challenges and hair loss, and much more. 

Read on to learn more and decide if any of these powerful peptides are right for you! 

Second Generation Peptides 

Second-generation peptides can be thought of as peptides with superpowers. These peptides are even more efficient and exciting than original peptides because they’re transformed in a lab to target particular problems. Some second generation peptides, like the cjc1295 peptide, for example, can bind to receptors three times longer than earlier peptides, resulting in a much more efficient process. 

The dosage and application of peptides vary depending on the type of peptide. Plus, you can combine lots of different peptides at once without any interactions.

My Favorite Peptides & Their Noteworthy Powers

  • Melanotan – this potent second generation peptide can increase libido. Many men who have failed on viagra have had success replacing viagra with this peptide. Melanotan can also increase melanin production and help those with fair skin from burning, reducing cancer risks.
  • DSIP – the DSIP peptide aids in deeper sleep (though research indicates that it will not necessarily help you fall asleep), reduces pain, and helps with opioid withdrawal. DSIP is naturally found in breast milk.
  • BPC 157 – this powerful peptide is a protein found in gastric (aka stomach) juices. It is fantastic for reducing inflammation, improving gut health, and enhancing bone health. This peptide can help to regenerate nerves and improve bone density and osteoarthritis. It’s a terrific anti-inflammatory remedy for injuries, too. You will often find this peptide paired with Thymosin Beta 4. 
  • GHK Copper – this is a peptide that can help reduce hair loss. It supports hair follicle growth and nourishes existing hair follicles. Similar to GHK Copper, PPT TDM peptide can also stimulate hair follicles for improved growth.
  • Neutropic Peptides: these impressive peptides protect neurons from toxins, which helps keep nerves healthy. ApoE4 peptide prevents nerve damage, improves brain function, and can even help to clear brain fog. Cerebralisin peptide can help to stimulate the growth of nerve endings and can be very beneficial for those with neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease. 
  • Cmax peptide – improves focus and concentration. Another peptide, Clink, also works for improved concentration. I recommend switching between both of these peptides throughout the week for the best results.
  • Thymosin alpha 1 – this peptide is wonderful for boosting the immune system because it increases the production of T cells and B cells, which are integral to immune health. Thymosin alpha 1 can also treat malignant melanoma and is F.D.A. approved.
  • Epithalamin – Epithalamin is a fabulous peptide for graceful aging. It can also help to regulate melatonin levels. I love pairing it with DSIP to treat jet lag and support my cardiovascular system.
  • 5 amino 1 nq – this peptide is one of the newest on the market and will be available soon. Research indicates that it can help to promote healthy weight loss in just a little over one week! Peptide-1, commonly referred to as Liraglutide, is another peptide that has also shown to be effective in promoting weight loss.  


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all of this new information on peptides, I encourage you to reach out to me! I would love to work with you one-on-one to help determine which peptides may be right for you. As always, please consult with your health care practitioner before starting any new supplements (and peptides!). 



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