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Seed Synbiotic

Finding a good probiotic supplement can be quite tricky. First, in order to be a probiotic, a live microbe must be studied and shown to have health benefits. But, how do we know that what we’re buying actually contains those beneficial live microbes? And is it enough? The next generation of microbiome supplements may be the answer to what we are looking for, and they’re completely backed by science and research.

That would be Seed, a symbiotic combo of plant-based prebiotic compounds and probiotics, dreamed up by entrepreneur Ara Katz and microbiome expert Raja Dhir and developed by their Chief Scientist, Dr. Gregor Reid.

Before we get into Seed, let’s explore WHY we need pre and probiotics and what the hype is about….

According to the World Health Organization: “Beneficial microbes (e.g., probiotics) work in various ways to promote health”, these microbes:

  • Play an essential role in nutrient absorption and food digestion
  • Synthesize and activate vitamins, particularly B vitamins and vitamin K
  • Regulate metabolism
  • Enhance the function of the intestinal inner lining
  • Suppress excessive inflammation
  • Produce by-products like short-chain fatty acids, which have been extensively shown to be beneficial for metabolic and immune health
  • Compete with pathogens, produce neutralizing substances to block pathogenic bacterial effects, and inhibit the growth of harmful microbes
  • Degrade cholesterol
  • Trigger neurotransmitters that stimulate muscle contractions for increased motility—think better, more regular bowel movements

Why Seed Synbiotic and what makes it different than other probiotics?

With about 38 trillion microorganisms taking residence inside us at all times, it would seem that we are technically, only half human. Probiotic benefits go well beyond digestive issues, with your gut playing a central role in the systems of your body, hosting beneficial bacteria, fungi, and yeast. The gut influences your entire system from immune and metabolic function, to cardiovascular, skin and urogenital health.

Because the supplement industry isn’t heavily regulated the term “probiotic” has taken on many meanings. And most probiotic supplements are hardly doing what they are supposed to. There is little evidence that probiotics are improving health. Seed is turning things around. Backed by science, research and clinical trials conducted by leading microbiome scientists and global experts in formulation, biofermentation, and testing- they are set out to an evolutionary conquest.

Most probiotics use untested strains and just assume that one of the billions inside of them will work, but in reality they aren’t doing much as they pass through your gut. Seed is specifically designed to arrive exactly where they’re supposed to and work. A main difference with Seed probiotics is that Seed is considered a synbiotic supplement which is composed of both prebiotics and probiotics. The probiotic works to push out the bad bacteria while the prebiotic acts as its food supply. It is the reason the probiotic can thrive and do what it needs to.

What’s really amazing about Seed is that it only contains, naturally occurring, human-strain microbes that are already present in our bodies. Seed’s patented plant-based prebiotics are sourced from Indian pomegranate skin, Scandinavian chaga mushrooms, and pine bark. These strains are unique to Seed and are not found in yogurt or fermented foods and beverages. They are also meaning they are free of meat and dairy and have no synthetic or chemical coating.

Seed sells only two synbiotic supplements, one for women and one for men. The women’s pill contains “24 potent strains of bacteria that have been clinically proven to not only ease digestion and significantly increase folate production, but to also contribute to cardiovascular health and improve dermatological health.” The men’s supplement has a strong focus on muscle recovering assisting urolithin and cell cleansing from probiotic- feeding polyphenols.  This is so important because it recognizes that we are all not the same and targets the male and female bodies individually.

Increases folate production
Promote heart health
Promote digestive health
Improves skin health
Improves gut barrier integrity
Supports metabolic health
Promotes gastrointestinal health

Oxidative stress
Promotes immune health


Should you give Seed a try?

Everyone should be taking a probiotic to improve their microbiome health which will ultimately improve your entire well-being. Seed supplements is backed by an enormous amount of science and proven trials and I’m excited to see where they take the future of probiotics and other supplements to benefit health. I’ve recently started my first month of Seed and will continue to keep you posted, for now the research and story behind the creation are enough to have me very excited about the possibilities Seed might bring for my clients!



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