Start the New Year CLEANSED!

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?  Do you want to invest more time in your career?  Do you want to take more walks and spend time in nature?  Are you pledging to spend more time with your kids?  Or do your really want to learn guitar?  No matter what your new year’s resolution is, the best way to enter the new year and get started is by doing a CLEANSE!

Cleansing enables you to get out the old junk from your system that keeps you in less than perfect health.  You know what it feels like to take all the trash that sits in your garage and dump it so you can finally park your car there? Cleansing is the same way! You don’t really need that old toxic buildup in your body!  Believe it or not, letting it sit there prevents you from really moving forward in your goals!

If your New Year’s Resolution is to loose weight, then you definitely need to cleanse!   Cleansing is the best way to reset our systems so we can take on new eating habits and attune our palates to the healthiest foods.  Additionally, you have me as a coach, to guide you through the cleanse and start you on a path to truly changed nutrition and visible weightloss.  Even if you have written off the age old tradition of making a resolution,  the new year is still a great time to cleanse!  You want to be free and clear to accept the fantastic gifts that the new year has to offer to you.  When you clear your body, you  clear your mind and you clear your soul!  A gunked up body keeps your mind fuzzy, your motivation low, and your ability to enjoy success muted.  You need a clean slate to start a new game plan, and cleansing is the way to wipe away the old so you can bring in the new.

Hit the reset button, and truly enter the New Year with the freshest, most vibrant you!

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