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The Healing Power of the Heart


How often have you seen the words love, gratitude, blessed thrown around?   It’s a trend to be #grateful, and every time I turn around someone is #blessed.  We have big business capitalizing on these buzz words and big followings behind movements for spirituality.  Now…I’m not a hater, but I wonder, do we really understand what that that means, or is this a superficial trend we’re truly not connected to?

Would we be as sick as we are as a society if we were truly blessed, grateful, and in tune to our heart speak?

Our rates of disease don’t seem to be decreasing as fast as they should, a general lack of empathy seems to be the norm, and it’s easier to have a conversation via text then it is with someone in the same room as you…all which lead me to believe as a collective group, we are suffering from a major disconnect of the heart.

I too was conditioned to ignore my heart voice from a young age, because making decisions based on the mind was a desirable trait to have.  I learned it was easier to disconnect from hurt and pain, but in reality the by-product of disconnecting from one’s feelings and heart speak is stress, and stress leads to disease.

My cancer wake up led me to a caring practitioner/mentor who emphasized the heart and mind connection, just as much as chemotherapy and radiation. This was pretty big stuff over twenty years ago, and a lot more is known now about the healing power of the heart.

The heart is complex, with its own brain that communicates with our “other” (cranial) brain. Science now indicates specifically how relative our heart is in how we process information, how we perceive our realities, and even our total health.

The way we access those wellness tools of the heart is by being present and the only way to be well, is to be present!

But, how can we be present when we are conditioned to ignore heart talk so much, that slowing down our thoughts seems nearly impossible?  If being truly present in any moment is not something you’re capable of doing, you are disconnected from your heart and the center of your well-being.

I can describe my path to finding my heart voice through three avenues:

  • Solitude– Remove the distractions and get to know yourself through self-talk, time in nature, and self-reliance.
  • Seek a Mentor–A good mentor/life coach/supporter is a sounding board and encourages you to push through emotional pain.  Find a mentor who you feel supports your journey with compassion and understanding but will also still hold you accountable.
  • Open Your Self to the Process– Fear of listening to the heart and/or opening the floodgate to feelings and emotions can stall your progress.  Know that the inability to let the heart speak is the number one interference to well-being.

Just like forgiveness, time and practice are your best friends in opening yourself up to the heart, but the rewards are overwhelming!  Being one with my heart is what led me to my passion given me the most profound gift in the connections I have with my clients.  I am able to intuitively recognize emotional blockages and am better able to guide clients in the direction of forgiveness of others, self-forgiveness, or letting go, so that they too can reach well-being.



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