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Top Healthy Books to Buy for the Holidays


Clients often ask me how they can share their new healthy lifestyle with people they love. They get so excited about making this change in their own lives that they just want everyone in the world to embrace it too. The intention is good, the reception is not so good.

When it comes to health, I believe in showing, not telling. I don’t care how good you look, no one wants to hear you yap on and on about your new life-changing diet. The truth is, no one will make a change for the healthy until they are ready and they probably just find your lecture to be a turn-off.

So my rule of thumb? Flaunt your healthy body, that glowing skin and your vibrant energy with pride. If people want to know what your secret is, they will ask.

The one time that rule doesn’t totally apply is the holidays. I believe in giving gifts that are both important to you and that the recepient will love and appreciate. My go-to gift is always a great book. It’s personal because it’s something I loved and enjoyed and want to share and it’s also gifting someone more than just the book. It’s sharing with them knowledge and a chance to expand their life in an enriching way.

So, if you are wondering how to share your love of all things green and healthy this holiday season, here’s what I’ll be gifting to the people I love:

Cleanse Your Body

Clean Gut

Dr. Alejandro Junger is one of my favorite current experts in the world of nutrition and disease. In this book, he not only pinpoints the gut as the home base of all disease (which is the basis of my practice), but he also gives clear, easy steps on how to reverse disease and completely turn around your health.

The Hormone Cure

The number one way you could get me to listen to any webinar or video is if Dr. Sara Gottfried was involved. Everything she does is extremely well done and clearly explained. Every woman should read this book, it will completely change the way we view how we can live, hormones and all.

The Blood Sugar Solution

I can’t decide whom of all these amazing authors I love the most, but Dr. Mark Hyman would be high on my list. Dr. Hyman takes on blood sugar levels as not just being the source behind weight gain and diabetes but all chronic disease. This is a fabulous, all-over wellness book to recharge your diet and maintain lasting, vibrant health.

Grain Brain

This book offers fascinating research connecting grains and the modern-day diet to brain issues from ADHD to Alzheimer’s. A great case for the anti-inflammatory diet and tips on how to eat smart to stay smart.

Cleanse Your Mind

Mind Over Medicine

Easily a 2013 must-read, in this incredibly well-written book author Lissa Rankin explores the connection between the mind and healing and questions our current medical approach. Whether disease is hitting close to home right now or not, every single person should read this book.

The Tapping Solution

Buy this book for every single anxiety-ridden or stressed out person you know and you will be forever grateful. In a revolutionary book on tapping (or EFT), Nick Ortner explains how you can keep calm, reduce stress and deal with all sorts of physical, mental, and emotional issues from anywhere with one simple technique.

Dying To Be Me

I read this book a year or so ago and continue to think about it daily. Anita Moorjani tells her lifechanging tale of dying from cancer and being literally brought back to life while her cancer spontaneously disappeared. Her story of medical magic will inspire and transform your life.

A Return to Love

In LA, Marianne Williamson is one of the main religions and there’s a good reason for that. Her teachings on love, life, peace and spirituality brings complex ideas into simple, applicable terms. For those seeking a life renewed or simply some inner peace, this is a great place to start with her works.

All Is Well: Heal Your Body with Medicine, Affirmations and Intuition

There’s nothing not to love about Louise Hay and she really shines in this book which she co-wrote with Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz. Through scientific proof, paired with emotional intuition, the ladies pinpoint disease and ailments being tied to emotional centers in teh body and tell you how to release any issues through a few simple words. Your mind will be blown.

Cleanse Your Kitchen

It’s All Good

Gwyneth Paltrow does it again! This expansive cookbook from Gwyn will leave the whole family drooling. The recipes are clean and nutrient-dense without losing any flavor or family-friendliness.

Crazy Sexy Kitchen

My favorite vegan cookbook from the one and only Kris Carr. Share this book with those skeptical that they could enjoy a plant-based diet. Her vegan crab cakes could solve any war.

The Longevity Kitchen

This is a book that  you could gift to everyone and anyone. It’s gorgeous and extremely well done and every single recipe in it is delicious. It’s from the authors of The Cancer Fighting Kitchen and this book impresses just as much as that one. The recipes are clean, flavor-packed and original. My family goes crazy for the food from this book.

Meals That Heal Inflammation

When I saw author Julie Daniluk speak recently, I was blown away. I wanted to absorb every single word she was saying. Her cookbook is just as compelling and filled with information to teach you how to decrease inflammation in the body and get rid of disease. And a major bonus is the simplicity of her recipes, great for a beginner – it makes eating healthy seem possible on any schedule.

True Foods

From Dr. Andrew Weil, the father of integretive medicine and the master behind True Foods Kitchen, this cookbook is perfect for those looking to clean up their diet but leave the meat.

Everyday Raw Detox

Matthew Kenney (the creator of M.A.K.E) is one of the premiere raw chefs in the world and never ceases to amaze me. If you think eating raw is limited, this book will throw that idea right out the window. Everything from juices to soups to dinners are included and one item is more delicous than the next.


To me, gift giving is all about sharing something you love. These books are all the things I love and love to share. What books will you be giving this season? Let me know in the comments below- I’m always looking for new reads!





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