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Toxic Kitchen


I’m embarrassed to say that cancer-causing toxins were still lurking in my kitchen cabinets up until recently. I really don’t why it took me so long to throw out all of my non-stick pans but I finally did!

Non-stick pans contain highly toxic PFOA’s and PFC’s (perfluorinated compounds). The very chemical that makes your pans non-stick is terrible for you and every time you cook you’re spreading those toxins into your environment. There are numerous brands and varieties, but you can bet on them being toxic if they are labeled as “coated” or “non-stick”.

Current research shows that these toxins accumulate in the blood at alarming rates.  70% of cookware sold in the U.S. contains non-stick coatings that contain PFOA’s and other toxins. The impact of PFC’s and PFOA’s is ENDLESS. These chemicals are resistant to biodegradation. They will go on to contaminate the earth indefinitely. Once they are in your body, they stay there for years – it is estimated to take about four years for the level to decrease by HALF. The chemicals are so rampant in your products that it would be rare to find someone who does not test positive for the chemical in their bloodstream. Blood samples were taken from women right here in California that have showed that continuous build up of the toxic serum for the past five decades.

Research is showing that non-stick cookware and PFOA containing products are affecting your health by:

  • Increasing the odds of infertility
  • Interfering with thyroid function
  • Suppressing the immune system
  • Causing Cancer
  • Causing Internal organ damage
  • Attributing to Birth defects

Where do you start cleaning up first? The best place to start is to ELIMINATE these products from your home environment. Once you make the leap like I did, you will find it’s totally easy to live without the toxin containing products.  Start by tossing out ALL of your non-stick cookware and replace with cast iron, ceramic, or glass options.

If you’re looking for some great options to replace your non-stick pans, here are some high quality brands that I recommend:



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