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I don’t know about you, but my holiday season always seems to be filled to the brim with travel. If you find this time of year anything less than relaxing- I feel you. From mid-November all the way through to the new year it’s go-go-go. Our immune systems often choose these hectic times to sit the bench. I have good news though, your health doesn’t have to take a hit. All it takes is a little advance preparation and you can cruise through your holiday travel with the least amount of health turbulance.

I’ve compiled my list of go-to travel “hacks” to that will help make your holiday travels bearable.

Always travel with healthy snacks

Nothing is worse than spending a fortune on crappy airport food. I always bring conveniently packed healthy snacks that are easy to munch on in go mode. Sometimes I get around to making my homemade Super Seed Bars. A bag of fresh veggies that include things like snap peas, celery or radishes and an avocado can be a refreshing change from dry foods. At most airports, I can buy an apple or a banana. There are a few pre-packaged snacks that I do trust:

Tosi Protein Bites 

Elemental Super Seed Bars

Sprouted organic nuts (almonds, walnuts & cashews) and seeds (pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds and hemp seeds). 

Artisana Organc Almond or Cashew Butter packets (they make coconut oil packets to throw in your coffee too)

Wild Planet Wild Salmon

Dry Roasted Edamame 

Stay hydrated

We often forget that we need to double down on hydration when traveling, especially in the air. I always carry an empty reusable water bottle through security and then fill up at a Starbucks with filtered water. I also love Ultima Replenisher hydration packs. They come in a convenient travel pack that you can just pop into your water for balanced electrolytes. In a pinch I’ll grab a coconut water and water it down to get my minerals.

Fill up before you fly

It’s best to refrain from eating while in the air. Digestion takes a lot of energy for the system and so does flying. In order to maintain a quick recovery and avoid jet lag, it’s best to give your digestive system as much of a break in-flight as possible. I typically carry a protein powder travel size pack with me (Amazing Grass, Philosophie Green Dream) which can be a quick meal replacement on the ground pre-flight. It gives me sustained energy while but is easier to digest than a big meal. I’ll also carry on some tea to keep my tastebuds entertained. Tulsi Tea for stress, peppermint for digestive support, or ginger for immunity are great picks.

Don’t forget to pack your supplements

I like to travel light but I always keep the essentials with me what it comes to my supplements. A multi-vitamin that covers all your bases can lighten your load. I really like O.N.E. by Pure Encapsulations. Magnesium is a must have as well (either in glycinate or citrate form for best absorption). Magnesium is probably the most important mineral to keep on hand to keep your whole system balanced. Probiotics are another necessity to keep both digestion and immunity in check. I opt for Dr. Ohirra’s Professional Strength. If you’re the kind of person who struggles to fight of colds while traveling, Nature’s Answer Echinacea + Goldenseal blend is a wise investment. This killer combo fights off infection fast and is best to take right when you feel the onset of a cold. If I need extra energy, I have Nutrex Hawaiian Spirulina Tablets on hand.

Set your internal clock

If you’re traveling across time zones, try setting your internal alarm clock before you head out. A few days before, begin waking up at around the time (or as close to it) as you’ll be waking at your destination. Once you get to your destination, try to go to bed at a reasonable hour regardless of whether or not you feel tired. Pure Encapsulations Melatonin can be a really great tool to use to ease to sleep without throwing off your circadian rhythm.

Keep your energy balanced

This is possibly the most important and the most fun! There are so many simple tools to use to keep you balanced before during and after travel. Essential oils are a great addition to your carry on. My friend Hope Gillerman has an incredible travel essential oil blend (it smells amazing!) that helps ground and reset from jet lag. I don’t travel without it!

I also often travel with one or two crystals to keep grounded. Malachite is an awesome stone to have in your pocket. It’s considered the guardian stone for travelers and is known to soothe your nerves. P.S. It’s also said to alleviate the effects fo jet lag! Shungite is another really great one to have with you. It neutralizes the electromagnetic energy that you’re exposed to while flying. It’s kind of like an energy vacuum, sucking up everything that you don’t want in your energy field and it can help emotionally ground you. Moonstone has a long held the reputation as a traveler’s stone so add it to your luggage so that it doesn’t get lost!

Flower Essence Society Yarrow Environmental Solutions is something I won’t travel without. It also helps neutralize the energetic fields that you come into contact while flying. For the days I’m feeling stressed out, I use the Flower Essence Society Vervain to keep me calm.

If you’re stuck on a plane or a train, this is a great time to complete a meditation exercise. I use my Unplug and app frequently while traveling. It helps to ease my mind and keep me less anxious on long trips – simply put in your headphones, open your app and complete short or long series of meditations.

I hope you find these travel tips helpful on your holiday journeys! Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season.



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