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Virgin Raw Bee Panacea – It’s Life Food!


Webster’s Dictionary defines panacea as: a remedy for all ills or difficulties: something that will make everything about a situation better

With a profound product name, and an ingredient list that reads like the who’s who of the super food world, Virgin Raw Bee Panacea is my newest well being essential.  I was honored to meet the co-creator of the Virgin Raw Bee Panacea team, and I listened in amazement as she detailed her experience sustaining solely on this product (under doctor supervision) for 50 days.  A testament like that is enough to get a nutritionist to take notice!

I have discovered for myself, Bee Panacea is life food.  Bee Panacea is a complex formula that was created over the course of several years with input from nutritionists and the medical community.

It is a superfood blend that contains a combination of 20 powerful ingredients, each of them serving a deeper purpose.  You will find yourself nourished on all levels due to the extensive healing properties of each ingredient.  Promises of mental clarity, digestion support, increased metabolism, clearer skin, and natural detoxification come along with the product, and it’s not fluff.  It’s the most tactile equivalent to the fountain of youth we may have at the moment.

One of the most intriguing properties of Virgin Raw Bee Panacea is Ormus.  Ormus is an abundant, but rarely realized trace mineral found in the deep waters of the Pacific Northwest Ocean. In nature, these small mineral particles that are shown to act as super conductors in out body, are referred to as Ormus. Ormus is a profound ingredient that has capabilities beyond our imagination, including:

  • Acting as a dynamic detoxifier, that can cleanse the body
  • Reported to increase energy, positive emotions, and overall life contentment
  • Can slow the aging and cell oxidation cycle and increase brain capacity as we age
  • Has the ability to bring energy into our body and increase our vibration to a elevated state of mind
  • A food nutrient rich enough that it greatly diminishes the amount of food we need to consume
  • Speed the body healing process and stop foreign invaders in the body
  • Increases DNA functionality as a super conductor – as DNA conducts 100 Electrons Per Second. Ormus increases conduction to 10,000 times/second

In addition to Ormus, this potent nutritional combination off Bee Panacea also contains; Raw Royal Honey, Organic Maca Root, Organic Cinnamon, Goji Berries, Red Reishi Fruiting Body (immune booster with anticancer properties), Bee Pollen (richest source of vitamins found in a single food), Astralagus Root, Organic Spirulina (breaks down toxins and heavy metals), Organic Chlorella (improves capacity of red blood cells), Propolis, Organic Ginger Root, Panax Ginseng Root (mental clarity, concentration, energy), Organic Schizandra Berries (adaptagenic berry with compounds, blood purifier, linked with longevity), Royal Jelly, Chaga Fruiting Body, Shilajit (contains 85 minerals and phytonutrients), and Cordyceps Mycelia.

I find it refreshing to be able to start my day with a simple teaspoon of one product, and know that I am getting essential nourishment without extensive packaging or purchasing.  This is a must have in your supplement cabinet – On a side note, the company spends practically nothing on marketing, and promotion is through word of mouth from one well being junkie to the next.  Consider this your inside scoop and if you’re looking to buy your own panacea, you can find it here.



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