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Why Detox?

I didn’t set out to discover detoxing, my journey to becoming a cleanse expert was a bit of a happy accident. I began cleansing because my life depended on it. When I started my quest to rid myself of cancer, it became obvious that getting “clean” was what was standing between me and better health.

Through my experience, it became crystal clear that SO much of disease and sickness is caused by toxic junk that gets in the way of your body’s natural rhythm and ability to function. Our bodies are designed to be healthy, It’s their default mode. However, most of us have a lot of obstacles that make this reality hard to see.

I began to approach cleansing and detoxing in virtually every facet of my life. From stagnant negative emotions to the crap food in my fridge, it all had to go. It’s important to understand that cleansing is a way of life, not just a one and done kind of thing. It’s a constant process and for that reason, I don’t recommend jumping into all corners of your life right off the bat, but gradually introduce new layers of cleansing consistently.

Today, I’m going to start with why detox the body….

Why detox the body?

One of the first things I do when I see a client is to work on getting them on a path to detoxing. We live in a toxic world and our physiology has a hard time keeping up. There’s really no one out there who couldn’t use some detox support. No matter how well you eat, toxins in our air and water are ubiquitous and almost impossible to avoid. When our body isn’t ridding itself of the toxic junk, it creates a disease state resulting in everything from cancer to depression and obesity.

If a client is trying to lose weight, it’s especially important to begin the detoxification process. One of the ways our bodies store toxins is in fat cells. This protects the body from harm but, as you lose fat, the system can be flooded. If your detox pathways aren’t clear, this can be quite a burden on the system.

The first step on a path to cleansing, is learning how to avoid toxins as best you can. Getting these harmful substances out of your way can make your road a lot less bumpy:

Endocrine Disruptors

An endocrine disruptor is a substances that can mimic or trick other hormones in your body and cause a lot of problems. Virtually all reactions in the body depend on hormones to direct them. These are not something you want to mess with! BPA, plastics, PCBs are all known endocrine disruptors. It’s not always enough to simply stay away from plastics. One of the biggest culprits containing endocrine disrupting chemicals is factory farmed meat.


Going organic is a vital step in cleansing. You simply cannot afford to bombard your body with veggies soaked in toxic chemicals. Pesticides have been known to cause birth defects and harm the reproductive system. These are chemicals designed to kill so it’s really no surprise they are detrimental to human health.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals like lead, aluminum, mercury, cadmium, and arsenic are everywhere. They are found in polluted air, soil and even used in make up. Fish and animals that live in toxic environments also leach heavy metals into their flesh. Heavy metals accumulate in your body and can have toxic effect on the brain implicated in everything from dementia to mental illness and depression. Fish, meat, red wine, and rice can all be tainted with mercury. It’s wise to research products and only buy from producers who third party test.


Fluoride is a toxic chemical, often a waste product of aluminum manufacturing that is often used to treat tap water. While topical fluoride may help strengthen teeth (the jury is still out on that) there is absolutely no reason it should be digested. Harmful to the brain and thyroid, it can become really problematic as is displaces our bodies natural beneficial chemical signalers. The best way to avoid is to stick to spring water or install a whole house water filter that has reverse osmosis capabilities.

Processed foods

If it isn’t whole food, or directly made from a whole food, toss it. Processed foods contain preservatives, GMOs, dyes, flavoring, sugar/HFCS, MSG and synthetics that shouldn’t even be considered food. The single best thing you can do to begin to cleanse your body is switch to a whole food diet. Virtually every modern disease can be linked in some way or another to processed foods.


I’m not a doctor so I’m absolutely not telling you to stop taking your prescriptions. All I’m saying is that they happen to be some of the most toxic (and dangerous) substances around. Even if you don’t take meds, pharmaceuticals from antidepressants to antibiotics are often found in our water, causing massive environmental disruption. Western medicine is extraordinary at many things. Trauma care and advances in surgery are mind blowing, but one thing that we’re not so great a is managing chronic illnesses without tons of meds. Next time your doc tries to push a pill, simply ask if there is any way a lifestyle or diet change could be an alternative or integrative option. 

Getting good at eliminating sources of toxins in everyday life can be a simple yet incredibly effective tool for detoxification. Sometimes it’s what you take away that has the most to offer. I recommend getting these habits under your belt because they can make a big difference. Remember, detoxing is a lifestyle and this is just one piece to get in place.

If you’re ready to give detoxing a try, my 21-Day program is available online NOW. My program incorporates aspects of mind, body, and spirit cleansing. You can choose to just focus on the food, or you can add in components like mindfulness, journaling and physical exertion. Learn more about my DIY program here:



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