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Juice Up Your Sex Life


What if the sex you have is directly related to how healthy you are? Believe it or not, your sex drive is an indicator of nutritional balance. That’s why I always want to know about my clients’ sex lives. We may think that our sexiness is created by our physical body (tight abs and arms) but it comes more from the inner workings of our body via our digestive system. Simply by getting the nutritional needs your body craves, you are also “feeding your libido.”   Living green and healthy can indeed give back to you in many ways.

There are several nutrients that serve to supplement your sexiness. With these in mind, I developed my special blend Libido Juice in partnership with Erewhon Natural Foods ( to provide a daily nutritional boost that not only feeds your overall wellness, but it is also tailored to your need for a healthy libido.

I am so passionate about the creation of this juice. I’ve not seen anything else like it out there. So, I had to share the recipe with you.

With a zip from the lemon, and fresh grassy bite of the asparagus and celery, all the ingredients pack a powerful punch.  The asparagus is packed with B vitamin and folate, which produces histamine that stimulates the libido in both men and women.  I am all about the mutually beneficial effect!  I balance the juice with the vibrancy of pineapple, which is rich in manganese and helps regulate your pituitary, to keep your sex hormones at healthy levels.  The addition of Goji and Schizandra makes a potent sexual combination.  As herbal tonics,  Goji and Shizandra have spectacular anti-aging properties that stimulate your youthfull vitality and sexual function.

What better way to start your weekend than making a couple glasses of my libido juice for you and your partner.  Or, if you have a busy week ahead, stop by Erewhon Natural Foods and pick up a bottle in their fresh juice section!


Libido Juice

Serves 2


3-4 Droppers Goji and Schizandra Drops (I use Dragon Herbs brand)/per glass juice

1 cup pineapple (with rind removed)

1 whole lemon

1  medium cucumber

6 celery stalks (leaves included)

10 thin stalks green asparagus

Wash ingredients thoroughly.  Juice all ingredients, finish with suggested droplets of Goji and Schizandra extract.  Pour into two glasses and enjoy.




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