Happy Father’s Day Dad!

As Father’s Day approaches, I was inspired by a wonderful spiritual lady, Kris Carr to give my dad some lovin!

My dad is my hero.  I have a super soft spot for this man, even though growing up my dad would say I was adopted because of our differences of opinion on everything from who I dated to our political views.  Despite his claims that he found me on the doorstep one morning, you can tell by this picture of the two of us that I’m the spitting image of him.  Besides giving me my physical shape, my dad has also shaped the way I view the world in so many wonderful ways.  Thanks, Dad.  Not sure if you read my posts, but if you do, I’m bragging about you to everyone I can!

This weekend we celebrate Father’s Day.  I know my dad appreciates our time together more than any gadgety gift I could give him.  A phone call or a visit is on the top of this list.  Instead of scouring the stores searching for a gift that will soon be forgotten when Father’s Day passes, creating a special memory is definitely the best gift you can give on Father’s Day.

If your father is no longer with you for whatever reason, take a moment to try to reflect on the special relationship you had.  If there is discord between you, forgive in your heart.  Set both of you free.  Trust me, you’ll feel better.

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads in the world (including my super sexy fiancé).