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5 Holistic Tips to Start Your New Year Off Right

Goodbye, 2022, and hello, 2023! My goodness, what a year it has been. My heart is so full of gratitude for how I have been able to share the highlights of my healing journey with my clients and loved ones throughout the year. At this point in my life, I have tried and tested a plethora of healing foods, supplements, and curative modalities that I’ve been able to impart to others. And looking back on where I started to where I am now, each experience I’ve gained has further shaped my attitude toward the wonders of holistic living. The collection of profound moments from 2022 that has helped form me into the person  I am in 2023 is something truly magical, and I am grateful to be carrying it with me into the new year. I am incredibly fortunate to have a platform where I can connect with you and help you achieve all your wellness dreams, and I only plan to push forward with this mentality in the new year.

With that being said, I am beyond ecstatic to share some of what I have successfully manifested for 2023:

  • A new book is on the way! I have been working diligently to perfectly weave my essential holistic pro-aging hacks into one publication. Graceful aging is a topic I feel strongly about, and being able to share my tips with all of you brings me joy like no other.
  • My S.O.U.P. Cleanse is one of my favorite programs that has made some of the most significant impacts on my clients’ health goals. So, this new year, my team and I will be moving into a larger kitchen space that can accommodate the continual growth of the S.O.U.P. Cleanse, meaning we can reach more of you! The cleanses are a gentle, nourishing, satiating, and delicious way to revitalize your health in 2023. 

Have you had a chance to think about your New Year’s goals and resolutions, or are you still mulling them over? I believe that if you want to make a lifestyle shift at any point, you should take that motivation in the moment and run with it, whether at the start, middle, or end of a year. However, if you’ve been looking for that extra nudge to really spark the desire for transformation, let the new year be that push. Truthfully, getting started is one of the hardest parts of change, so I want to help make it easier for you if you’re feeling a little stuck. Here are some holistic health-focused New Year’s resolutions to consider for those of you who may not know where to start:

1. Drink more water

Hydration is crucial. I can’t emphasize it enough. Every cell in our body needs water to function properly. And although it seems like such a simple concept, too many people go through their day dehydrated. Well, 2023 is the year to change that! The impacts that drinking water has on our physical and mental health are monumental. For example, one study showed that when participants increased their water intake, they reported less fatigue and confusion. Conversely, when participants decreased their hydration, results revealed worsened moods and reduced calmness. Water is so important! I recommend starting your day with 2 cups of water right when you wake up. This will rehydrate your cells and give you that glow from within.

2. Get more sleep

We all know that sleep is important, but so few of us regularly get sufficient amounts of sleep. We need to start taking sleep more seriously! Sleep is essential for optimal cognitive performance, alertness, attention span, and emotional and hormonal regulation. With women, in particular, we need 8-10 hours of uninterrupted sleep because of our hormonal needs, whereas men can get away with 6-8 hours. Our adrenal glands produce several anabolic (“building up”) hormones that account for most of our daily hormonal needs, so we need plenty of sleep to ensure that we have adequate reserves. However, men only produce 2-3% of their daily hormones (e.g., testosterone) from their adrenal glands and 97% from their testes, which don’t necessarily require sleep to work effectively. Regardless, we all need more high-quality sleep to help us take on the day!

3. Eat a more anti-inflammatory diet

Chronic inflammation can contribute to many conditions, such as type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Luckily, we have control over our nutrition, which is vital in managing and reducing inflammation. Eating plenty of fiber-rich, antioxidant-rich, and vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables has been clinically associated with reduced inflammation. Also, increasing your omega-3 to omega-6 ratio has been shown to lower overall inflammation. If you need help getting started with an anti-inflammatory diet this year, try my S.O.U.P. Cleanse!

4. Practice more gratitude

Gratitude is an expression of gratefulness and appreciation, and practicing more of it has been shown to contribute to our minds and general well-being. Practicing gratitude can look like making intentional efforts to thank others, journaling what we’re grateful for, or even just being more “in the moment” to appreciate both the big and small things. When we deal with so much negativity in the world, showing gratitude can cultivate a refreshing, positive environment that can inspire others to practice gratitude too. Let’s be positive lights for others this year.

5. Be more selfish

To accomplish Resolutions 1-4, you have to be more selfish. By selfish, I mean reframing your mindset to put yourself first. Prioritizing YOU is the first step toward total self-love and happiness, which fuels your motivation to drink water, sleep more, eat better, and show thanks. For some, this “selfishness” might entail putting on some music and cooking a recipe they’ve been itching to try – even if other responsibilities beckon. For others, this might mean setting aside an hour every morning for a mindful yoga session despite the fact that your job prefers you get into work earlier. Whatever it looks like for you, taking the time to focus on yourself allows you to find the drive to keep going and become the best version of yourself for you and those around you.


These five resolutions are the fundamentals—everyone should incorporate more of them! But are you ready to get personalized health tips and tricks to go a step further in improving your life this year? If so, let’s chat! Book a one-on-one session with me to discuss your individual goals and how you can holistically achieve them in 2023.



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