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5 Tips to Avoid a Holiday Hangover

Roaring Christmas

My holiday season is in full swing with many more celebrations filled with friends, family, love, and of course, much, much more food and drinks.

With holiday spirits high, my alcohol consumption tends to increase during these festive occasions. It’s really hard for me to resist those holiday specialty drinks. ūüėȬ†This is why I’m even more conscious of balancing my indulgent alcohol intake with caring for and rejuvenating my body as I celebrate.

Here are 5 tips ways I support my health during times of more alcohol consumption: 

Eat. Well this doesn’t sound half bad! Alcohol makes your blood sugar rage, so you must choose foods that will not propel your blood sugar higher. This means staying away from refined sugars and carbs. Vegetable-based foods with some protein and healthy fats are what you should be eating. I promise you these will make you feel so much more energized than any sugary, carby, greasy or processed food.

B Vitamins. These are nature’s gold and “three is a charm” has never been so true ‚Äď Take one B complex tablet before your event begins, one before bed, and one as soon as you wake. ¬†My go to Basic B-Complex is Thorne and you can buy it here.

  • Vitamin B1: reduces fatigue and alcohol-induced brain fog
  • Vitamin B2: minimizes headaches the day after
  • Vitamin B3: effectively detoxifies alcohol in the liver
  • Vitamin B6: alleviates any morning after blues; alcohol isa depressant where serotonin and melatonin become depleted, which may lead to bad sleep and poor mood.
  • Vitamin B9 (folic acid): boosts cellular regeneration

Remain Hydrated. Instead of downing cocktails one after another, alternate your alcoholic beverages with either a glass of filtered, mineral, or coconut water -your liver will still love you and you will love not feeling any sign of a hangover the next day. Just as it is important to stay hydrated the night of drinking, it is just as important to start the next morning off with a 16 oz. glass of water with lemon, preventing any dehydration we may have caused the night before.

A Healthy Juice Never Fails. Waking fatigued and a bit foggy from the evening before pretty much screams coffee, but I have a much better alternative that your body will love you for down to every last drop. After your morning glass of water, have a freshly made juice. My preference is my Liver Detox Blend. Your body will soak up all these energizing minerals, rehydrate, and naturally revive itself.

Liver Detox Blend

Serves 1


1 apple

2 inches burdock root

4 celery stalks

1 medium beet

1 lime

Pinch sea salt

Juice ingredients, stir, and drink immediately.

Detox The Liver. Supporting your interior processes is a must after introducing toxins into your delicate bodies. Make yourself familiar with these medicinal herbs so your holiday party season will be happy and healthy:

  • Milk Thistle: a powerful antioxidant that can be taken in-capsule form averts free radical damage from alcohol to our precious liver cells. You can find an easy to take milk thistle capsule¬†here.
  • Dandelion Leaf: a highly potassium and magnesium dense plant that regulates electrolyte loss from cells, reducing fluid retention. Look for capsules or tea form. ¬†You can buy organic dandelion tea at your local natural foods grocer and brew a cup or buy online here.
  • Rosemary & Schizandra: both facilitate phase 2 liver detoxification and help with rebooting energy and mental clarity. ¬†Add extra fresh rosemary to your food and look for Dragon Herbs powerful blend of Goji and Shizandra drops.

Now go forth to eat, drink, and be merry…and mindful!



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