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7 Reasons to Sweat it Out


Growing up, I’d go on these amazing wellness getaways to Rancho La Puerta with my mom. During our stays at this retreat, visits to the sauna were a daily ritual.  I saw firsthand that this experience was beneficial for her health.

Years later, after my own cancer diagnosis, I took what I learned from Rancho La Puerta and went to get my sauna sweat sessions in as often as possible, and even further down the road, as I started creating cleanses for restaurants, I knew I had to elevate the detoxing experience for my cleanse clients.  I wanted them to experience a well-rounded detox, supplemented by sweat!

I discovered the infrared sweat and I have been hooked ever since!  With my infrared sweat, I am not in a hot sweaty box with rocks and steam though. Instead, I am comfortably wrapped up in a blanket, listening to my meditation app. The hour session flies by, and although I am a sweaty mess, I feel amazing when I leave!

While laying here, I am preventing disease, detoxifying, increasing my metabolism, getting much needed neck pain relief, and even releasing stress.  It sounds too good to be true, until you understand the science of it.

Infrared sauna is the newest and most high tech way of getting an amplified sauna experience.  You receive sun like rays, without the harmful UV rays, and get heated up from the inside out.  Instead of indirect heat from hot rocks and steam, you feel only a dry heat, that reaches to the cellular level which is impossible to do the with steam method.  This is the same technology that is used in hospitals and it is completely safe.

Infrared saunas and blankets work by increasing your bodies core temperature to about 100-120 degrees, which produces what is called a detoxifying sweat.  Because the environment we live in makes it impossible not to absorb and ingest toxins daily, we need a good sweat to naturally rid these toxins and heal.  With an infrared sweat, you can expect to release an 80/20 ratio of sweat/toxins. You will sweat at a lower temperature than traditional sauna, but expect 2-3 more times the amount of sweat!! Now, that’s pretty impressive!!  Now that I have found an enjoyable sweat, I share it with everyone I know, I added a free sweat session to my weekly cleanse program for M Café cleansers, because I firmly believe in the power of the infrared sweat!

Here are my seven reasons that you MUST give infrared sweat sessions a try for yourself:

  1.    Detoxifying for longevity – Toxins are released from the cellular level.  This elimination of toxins prevents illness and disease and can improve the overall quality of our health with an immune system boost in just one use.  Feeling a cold coming on?  Book an infrared sweat session ASAP!


  1.    Chronic Pain Relief – Improvement in neck and back pain, sports injuries, fibromyalgia, as well as arthritis pain because infrared heat can deeply penetrate the tissues, joints, and muscle and increase the oxygen flow to distressed areas.


  1.    Weight Management – Passive cardio effect from infrared sauna increases blood flow to our muscles and burns calories (said to be around 600 calories per hour), while detoxification releases heavy metal toxins in our sweat that cause problems like poor digestion and weight gain.


  1.    Increase in Blood Flow – Infrared heat increases our blood flow, improves circulation, and can lower blood pressure (especially when part of a weekly sweat regimen).  This boost to circulation is also of benefit for those who suffer from eczema, psoarisis, and acne.


  1.    Anti-aging – Sweating eliminates toxins that cannot be released in any other way!  When we release the harmful toxin build up in our bodies, we are also paving the way for improved cellular health, slowing down the aging process.  Our sweat contains antibiotics that fight off surface bacteria, and regular sweating can reduce surface damage.  As you sweat, nutrients flush your skin cells, filling in spaces, plumping the skin, and preventing collagen breakdown.


  1.    Cellulite reduction – Cellulite is the accumulation of waste and toxins in our cells, trapped by poor circulation.  The increased blood flow will work to help eliminate these stored toxins and diminish cellulite.


  1.     Mental Health – For some people, time spent in a sweat session or sauna can produce feelings of happiness, relaxation, even euphoria!  Infrared therapy regulates cortisol production (our stress hormones), helping us to relax and achieve stress relief simply by going to the sauna!


Can’t afford an infrared sweat sauna in your home?  No problem!  You can find infrared sweat “lodges” popping up all over.  If you are in Los Angeles, my favorite is Shape House (Larchmont, Santa Monica and Pasadena).  If you can spend a couple hundred bucks, an in home infrared sauna or blanket is a great supplement to your holistic lifestyle, you can easily find options here on!

As you sweat, whether with an in home infrared sauna or at a spa, remember to keep yourself hydrated and don’t stay beyond the recommended times.  Heat exhaustion is very real and by sweating smart, you can avoid issues of dehydration and over-heating!



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