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9 Powerful Foods to Fight Cancer


More than 100 cancer promoting genes have been discovered hiding in our DNA” – Cancer Defeated

The cancer cards get stacked against you when you create a hospitable environment for cancer cells to live.

To help you better understand, let’s discuss the transition of healthy stem cells to cancer stem cells (or CSC’s). Not all cancer cells start off inherently “bad”, they actually originate as healthy stem cells produced by your body as a vital part of your genetic make up. In good times, they work efficiently to keep you in tip-top health and initiate healing.  They have an amazing ability to self-renew.

As your stem cells age and/or become exposed to environmental chemicals, toxins, or radiation and chemotherapy they can become damaged and mutated. While the best scenario would be for the mutated stem cells to die off, that’s not always the case… instead these altered stem cells transform into cancer stem cells (CSC).

These CSC’s are dangerously coordinated, they can:

  • Build their own blood supply
  • Defend themselves
  • Survive in low oxygen and acidic environments
  • Escape detection by you immune system
  • Resist response to conventional cancer treatments
  • Form tumors

While chemotherapy and radiation work to selectively kill the least harmful of the cells, the treatment can actually increase the ratio of CSC’s, creating more malignant cancer and even enriching the population of CSC’s with impact occurring even several years after treatment.

What your doctor may be hesitant to tell you is that with a combination of nutrition, meditation, exercise, and self-love you CAN inhibit cancer cell proliferation from CSC’s and reverse damage.

I have compiled a list of cancer fighting, natural foods that are able to selectively target only cancerous cells, without damaging the healthy ones. Include these foods into your diet as often as possible!

CSC fighting foods chart.jpg Look for these CSC fighting compounds in my weekly recipes. I also share daily cancer fighting inspiration on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with cancer, I would love to work with you to heal through nutrition. Reach out to me to get started.

Click on the links below for my recommended supplements of these cancer fighting nutrients:



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