Adrenals in Modern Society

The adrenal glands are vital to feelings of wellness and vitality! They produce the  hormones that provides the energy we need to meet life’s challenges, reduce inflammation and regulate fluid balance, produce hormones for the production thyroid hormones and sex hormones, metabolize fat, and regulate blood sugar.  When your adrenals are in balance, you are primed to take life by the horns and really champion the day!

Sadly, in modern society, the adrenals are under attack. Constant stress, especially when coupled with poor nutrition, drains the adrenals to such a point where they cannot restore themselves, or produce the hormones we need.  Financial pressures, traffic jams, busy schedules and relationship problems all take an extreme toll on the adrenals. Caffeine and sugar,  which many of us ingest to combat minor stressors and for a productivity jolt,  only create more adrenal gland depletion.  When are adrenals are overworking, we don’t sleep well and as such we don’t have time to repair ourselves.  Essentially, we get caught in a nasty loop of adrenal ravaging.

Severely depleted adrenals cause a person to:

  • feel tired, tense and exhausted, or a “burned out” sensation.
  • feel severe fatigue
  • have difficulty relaxing or feeling peaceful
  • have disturbing dreams
  • have restless sleep patterns
  • have nervousness, anxiety, heart palpitations and a sensation of pressure in the chest that is often interpreted as a cardiac problem.
  • Muscle and joint breakdown with chronic pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Low immunity, recurrent infections, and dificulty shaking off infections.
  • Poor skin

Adrenals are important to quality of life.  How can you enjoy the gift of life if you consistently feel tired, or are experience irritating body symptoms?  Changing your diet to include more whole grains, cooked and raw vegetables,  healthy proteins like lean fish or white meats, and cutting out refined foods with lots of fat and sugar can start to repair your over-taxed adrenal system.  Further more,  healthy foods like whole grains, cooked and raw vegetables, and healthy proteins, soothe our system, making us less susseptible to burn out in the first place.  If you feel yourself loosing steam over the course of the day, try drinking more water and taking a small raw veggie snack break.  Water helps to restore the communication pathways for our nerves, when our nerves communicate, the adrenals rest their action, and food will give your blood sugar a little boost.  Below are some supplemental ways you can heal and support your stressed adrenal system:

  • Take vitamin C. The urinary excretion of vitamin C increases during stress and your adrenal glands dearly require it. . Take 500-1,000 mg.
  • Take pantothenic acid, a B vitamin, to supports adrenal function. Optimal levels are approximately 100-150 mg daily, or higher for adrenal support.
  • Take Licorice extract.  Licorice slows down the breakdown of adrenal hormones in your body, helping to maintain optimal levels throughout the day. There is no licorice in licorice candies in the United States so find yourself a trustworthy, organic supplement. You can safely take 200-400 mg a day of a licorice extract.
  • Take Chromium.  Chromium supplements also helps decrease the symptoms of low blood sugar and tiredness.

Following these tips can allow your adrenal glands to heal, and can give you back your life!  What do you do to handle day-to-day stress and protect your adrenal glands?  Let me know your story!