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You CAN Heal

The human body is forever forgiving. Your body wants to heal. It CAN heal.” – Anthony William, Medical Medium

The statement above is a game-changer IF you believe it. Think about it, those are powerful words. YOUR body will fight for you like nothing else and no one else. Yet, why is it the first thing you blame when it starts to fall apart? You can mistreat it, abuse it, ignore it, and take it for granted, yet it will come out swinging for you. Think about what you put your body through in only a week’s time.

Sleep deprivation, chronic stress, processed food, an overload of chemicals.

If you’re eating anything and everything under the sun without a care, you’re subjecting your liver, gallbladder, pancreas, heart and everything in between to dangers. When you’re sleep deprived and chronically stressed, it’s your “success” badge of honor, yet disrespectful to your body.

At the core of it is much more than the inability to resist food temptations, relax, and get some sleep. The crux of the issue is the disjointment between your body and soul. You aren’t born with this divide. Your life path dictates much of the damage to your soul, but life itself doesn’t create the divide, you do.

You lose touch with your spirit and convictions and make thoughtless choices as a result. We all have been guilty at some point of using mindlessness to fill the emptiness and pain with what I refer to as soul “killers”. Food becomes a natural medication to erase the emotions you aren’t capable or ready to deal with and while we all know that the food form of therapy doesn’t work, the path to resolve isn’t a jog.

Starting your journey to healing begins with kindness. It takes a lot of compassion, being a little kinder to yourself, loving yourself.  When you begin to care for it in the right way, your body has the ability to rejuvenate and restore from the most extreme conditions and diseases. It is when you truly listen to your body that you connect to it. Give your body the nourishment you’re yearning for and everything will change.

Your mindset has to be that YOU deserve to heal. YOU deserve happiness. YOU can feel whole. YOU deserve to be well. And the foundation of a good life is good health. You deserve to heal, to tap into your body’s restorative mechanisms. You deserve to be happy and well.

Are you ready to begin your own journey to healing?

Be kind to yourself and take the time to care for yourself in all ways; emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally.  The first part of being kind to yourself is to remove judgement and remove time.  There is no clock to race against, there is no need to feel shame for your wounds.  Caring for yourself goes well beyond clean eating and physical exercise.  Your relationship with yourself is the most important one you will ever have.  Talk to yourself in a loving manner, make time for yourself, challenge yourself, and even date yourself!

Remember, healing is a process.  As you begin your personal growth process, situations arise that will test you.  The spotlight will shine on the parts of yourself that need work.  Healing is not for the faint of heart. You may have heard it in other arenas, but healing is very much a “trust the process” type of experience.  It’s not unusual for those feelings we don’t want to feel to pop up.  Anger, sadness, fear…those aren’t fun.  Accept it, release it, and move forward in your process.

Embracing the process allows us to embrace the parts of ourselves that are who we are.  You accept the limitations, you recognize the role ego plays, and you begin to heal wounds.  This healing is higher consciousness progress and meeting your needs at the deepest levels.  This is the path to enlightened living, the path to receiving all that you need.





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