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It’s too Expensive NOT to Eat Organic


Why buy an organic apple for $1.50 when you can get a conventional apple for $0.50?

What if your life depended on spending the extra dollar?

You may not see the benefits today, but it all adds up. A lifetime of pesticide ridden, genetically modified foods will leave you with a stiff hospital bill one day…it may cost you your joy, mobility, and freedom.

Here’s a great thing to think about: How much do you spend on rent? Or on your mortgage?

We seem to have no problem spending large amounts of money on our housing. How is it then, that when it comes to things we put INSIDE our body, we allow ourselves to go for the cheap stuff?

To me – it’s insane!

We are educated enough to know that large corporations will do whatever it takes to increase food production and lower costs, even if it will give us cancer.

I understand that buying all organic can double your grocery bill – so I ask you this – would you rather give your money to organic farming and food today, or to the large drug companies and hospitals that you’ll be indebted to as a result of eating toxic food? It sounds extreme because it is!

Let’s be clear – if a food company puts preservatives in food to extend shelf life, wouldn’t it be common sense that those preservative will also live long and toxic in our bodies?

Did you know that there are nearly 3,000 approved chemical additives that are approved for use in our food supply?

Certified organic is the only way to avoid these cancer causing chemicals.

Did you know that all beef in the US that isn’t organic has been raised using growth hormones? That means if the cow has hormones injected into it, so do you when you eat it.

Organic meat will not have any added hormones.  Organic fruits and vegetables will not have chemical fertilizer’s sprayed over them, or chemicals added in processing that your body would absorb.

We live in a time when big business is putting profit before our health. Let’s vote with our dollars and put an end to the unnecessary suffering caused by toxic food.

Organic food costs more because it’s more expensive to produce…let’s agree to find other places to cut costs so we can feel comfortable to spend what it takes to live a clean, cancer free life.

Your life literally depends on it.



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