Keep Calm With Lemon Balm

Not a day goes by that something interesting doesn’t pop up on my radar.  I am always amazed at herbal and holistic remedies and uses that I didn’t know about before.  Something that I recently learned a lot about is Lemon Balm and it’s so fascinating I had to share.  Lemon Balm is an amazing natural supplement to take if you suffer from any of the following:

1.  Insomnia

Lemon balm, especially in combination with other calming herbs helps promote sleep.  If you have trouble sleeping, this is a great thing to take each night with a cup of chamomile tea to help get your body into relaxation mode.

2.  Anxiety

Thanks to the calming effects noted above, Lemon Balm is also very useful when it comes to anxiety.  Studies have shown that lemon balm increases moods, calmness and alertness leading benefiting those who are often anxious.

3.  Herpes Simplex Virus/Cold Sores

Topical ointments that contain lemon balm have shown to dramatically improve the redness and swelling that comes with a cold sore.  One study even noted that when it was used to treat a cold sore, not one single recurrence was noted.  Lemon balm has also been shown to decrease the healing time for both oral and genital herpes.

4.  Indigestion

One of the traditional uses of lemon balm was to treat gastrointestinal ailments.  It has been shown to be very effective in easing indigestion and even more beneficial when combined with other herbs used to help indigestion.  I suggest a lemon balm and peppermint tea when your stomach is feeling upset.

5.  Alzheimer’s Disease

A few studies have shown that lemon balm could be a great herbal supplement for Alzheimer’s patients. It is believed that lemon balm binds to and therfore enhances the activity of the neuro transmitter acetylcholine, which plays a critical synaptic role in the initial formation of memory. Acetylcholine is reduced in people with Alzheimer’s. Findings have shown that within those who take lemon balm, the ability to learn, store and retrieve information is improved.


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