Metabolism Boosters For a Sexier Waistline

Most of the items you see on the shelf, claiming to boost your metabolism, don’t do squat.  They make hot-to-trot claims about reving up your ability to burn calories and help you loose weight and instead are usually ineffective or downright dangerous.

Ready for the truth? The only way to get your metabolism going is to eat well and regularly exercise.  A healthy lifestyle will reward you with quicker calorie burn, and loads of endorphines, better sleep, and sustainable energy! However,  foods and supplements you can take to make sure your metabolism is working at it’s optimal rate do exist. These three food and supplement items taste great, are safe on your body, and get your metabolism working  at the top of its ability!

1. Organic Raw Cacao

Cacao nibs are yummy bits from the cacao bean that contain metabolism-boosting nutrients theobromine (a non-caffeine stimulant), anandamide (an actual endorphin – think “runner’s high”) and magnesium (nature’s muscle relaxant that keeps us from getting so worked up we stress the body out).  When these nutrients combine, they stimulate your metabolic engines and help you burn up more calories.  Look for “organic raw cacao” and add it to your smoothies, afternoon snacks, or even in your mole sauce!

2. Organic Oolong Tea

This blend of black and green tea gives you the potent powers of both, including caffeine and antioxidants. Oolong tea has been shown to increase caloric burn by about 5 percent for approximately an hour. If you consume 2,000 calories daily, that’s about 100 extra calories burned. Oolong tea inhibits absorption of some fat consumed at meals. It’s not a “fat blocker,” however, less fat absorbed means less triglycerides made, which means a healthier waistline and cholesterol levels! Oolong la!

3. GTF Chromium

Most supplements marketed as metabolism-boosters can be quite expensive and ineffective. That said, GTF chromium, is an effective tool for enabling optimal metabolism.  GTF chromium enables your system to run as efficiently as possible, making certain that cells receive sugar from the blood efficiently.  Look for better-quality brands that are organic and non-GMO. I like New Chapter GTF Chromium Food Complex

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