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My 6 Favorite Finds Right Now

With the enormous amount of health and wellness products floating around these days it’s hard to sift through what to try and explore. Below are some of the mindful products and books I’ve been into recently. They also make for great gifts!

Wishbeads –Alexa Fischer

Dream, believe, manifest, and repeat is the motto of my newest find- Wishbeads! It’s a really awesome concept to set your wishes into motion. What you do is imagine your wish in vivid detail and then write it down on a tiny piece of paper. Next, you roll it up and put it into this little time capsule and voila a bracelet with your wish!

Studies show that when you write something down you’re 95% more likely to achieve it. It also comes with 21-day journal to train your mind to stay in a positive mind set. They say your actions make your wishes come true but, it’s the wishbeads that is your inspiration. It’s a fun little every day reminder to help reach your goals!


Magik Vibes Box- Kelsey Patel


The ultimate mindful gift is Magik Vibes box because it comes with so many amazing treasures. It’s goal is to regenerate self-love and care. Each of the items in the box are hand-picked for specific reasons to help get back in touch with yourself. The spring box is currently on sale right now! New Magis Summer Vibe Box will come out at the end of July. Some of the highlights from this box are:

  • A Seven Chakra Pendulum that is fully charged and reiki infused. Its purpose is to welcome guidance, clarity, balance and healing.
  • YUNI’S My OM World- Aromatic Body Mist which is a must have for summer! Not only is it refreshing against your skin but it improves your focus and clarity! This micro-mist body spray contains 100% natural essential oils that instantly help relax and reset your mind and body- anywhere, any time.
  • There is a little heart bowl that is found in the box, and although simple, every time I make a smoothie or a little salad I’m reminded to eat with love and compassion; to be grateful for what I have, and love what I’ve been given. It’s the little mundane things that you must remember to be thankful for. This heart shape bowl is a subtle reminder of the love that surrounds me and the love that I have to give.


Gem-Water Bottles by VitaJuwel

I love this water bottle for SO many reasons. It’s most remarkable quality is that it energizes and restructures your water to the same levels and quality as spring water! It increases the alkalinity and oxygenation content of the water as well. There are 17 carefully selected gemstone blends available, suiting every preference and mood. Aside from all its magical benefits- it’s absolutely beautiful. I use one of their decanters which make any dinner table especially esquitie looking. I always try and use a reusable water bottle in efforts to be more green- and VitaJuwel is your very personal piece of Jewelry for Water.


I LOVE reading and expanding my knowledge so personally, I love getting books as gifts! I’m always looking for great book recommendations and here are a few of my favorites right now.


Breasts: The Owner’s Manual: Every Woman’s Guide to Reducing Cancer Risk, Making Treatment Choices, and Optimizing Outcomes by Dr. Kristi Funk
Dr. Kristi Funk is a breast cancer surgeon who used science, clinical experience and a lot of research to create Breasts: The Owner’s Manual: Every Woman’s Guide to Reducing Cancer Risk, Making Treatment Choices, and Optimizing Outcomes. The book guides women to optimize their health and minimize breast illness. She breaks down how to care for your breasts in a way no one else has. Ranging from what you eat, to what you do. She covers the ins and outs of screening and what to do if you’ve received an unwanted diagnosis.

What I found exceptionally surprising is the fact that she says soy is more than okay and doesn’t increase the risk of cancer! She even goes as far as to drink a soy shake every day! Mind-blown! She is however 100% vegan and thinks animal protein can increase the risk of cancer.

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer over the course of their lives, so if you’re a woman it’s most definitely worth reading! Her mission is to educate as many women as possible in an effort to stop breast cancer before it starts. I’m just trying do my part by sharing it with you!


The Archetype Diet by Dana James MS, CNS, CDN

Dana James is a nutritionist, functional medicine practitioner, and cognitive behavioral therapist. After years of work and hearing stories from thousands of women she developed The Archetype Diet by correlating thought patterns to a physical body shape in efforts to help decode women’s bodies.

She began to see a pattern in women: no matter how strictly they stuck to a diet and exercise plan, they eventually would self-sabotage themselves. Why? Because they followed the same patterns and behavioral ways that have been engrained in themselves since forever.

The book explores four different archetypes women exemplify, which are: the nurturer, the wonder woman, the femme fatale and the ethereal. Her aim is to guide you to figure out which one you are, in hopes that you can customize your diet to what your actual body chemistry needs. It also becomes apparent how your self-worth molds your behaviors. The book offers recipes, a ten-day meal plan, and a step-by-step psychological intervention. Read this book to find out which one you are and how you may be the only one standing in the way of you!


How to Be Well: The 6 Keys to a Happy and Healthy Life by Dr. Frank Lipman

Dr. Lipman is a pioneer and internationally recognized expert in the fields of Integrative and functional medicine. He manages to condense his formula for sustainable and genuine lifestyle changes all jam-packed into this book of knowledge. He provides a holistic recipe for 6 key components of healthy living ranging from diet to stress relief and social connection. They are Eat, Sleep, Move, Protect, Unwind, and Connect.

It is quite the guide to a very attainable and healthy lifestyle for a lifetime!




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