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My Go-To Protein Powder

Plant-based protein powders have gone mainstream. It’s no longer just the health conscious gym junkie on board with supplementing their diet this way. I welcome the inclusivity because using a plant-based protein powder is a great way to replace a meal, supplement your diet, and boost the amount of nutrients and superfoods you consume, but it has been hard for me to find one that I can stand behind.

Most protein powders (yes, even the plant-based ones) tend to have an ingredient list the length of a CVS receipt. Not only is that super confusing, in most cases it’s no bueno because it means they are most likely packed full of unnatural ingredients and unnecessary fillers. And, a recent study revealed that protein powders from many of the most popular brands have high levels of heavy metals and toxins like arsenic in them – making it even that much more stressful to choose the right one.

There is one brand that I feel comfortable recommending to my clients for a number of different reasons and it is PlantFusion. Their ingredients are high quality and they are meticulous about sourcing ingredients. They use plant-based sources of protein that most other brands have never used like algae and artichokes and all of their products are vegan, non-GMO and are free from some of the main allergens like gluten, dairy, soy and eggs. Their powders contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. The company is so committed to meeting the highest standards that they have their own USDA Organic certified facility where they manufacture their products. This is refreshing since most companies have a third party develop and manufacture their supplements – meaning they don’t always have control over quality.

Aside from all of PlantFusion’s respectable practices in terms of making their products, the company just came out with a new Fermented Superfood Protein. It is a probiotic powder that supports digestive health and enhances immunity. The powder is a blend of sprouted fermented whole foods and probiotic protein and there are 20 grams of protein per 130 calories (that is an ideal protein to calorie ratio for those of you who are not familiar with protein powders). If you know anything about me, you know I am obsessed with fermented foods. Probiotics are so essential for keeping your gut healthy, so the fact that I can get my probiotics when I make a protein shake with the fermented protein is huge for me. Another huge plus about the Fermented Superfood Protein is that it increases your energy without using sugar. The sweeteners the company uses to maintain the great taste are lucuma fruit and yacon root – both of which are totally natural.

The Fermented Superfood Protein is not the only PlantFusion product that I love. Their entire updated line of products is worth noting. Their line includes a Complete Protein Ready-To-Drink Shake, Complete Protein, Complete Lean protein powder, and Complete Meal. PlantFusion Complete Protein Shake is a ready-made drink, so you can take your nutritional supplement on-the-go. It’s convenient for the days when you are rushing out the door but don’t want to eat something unhealthy. The Complete Protein is a powder made with whole food nutrients and five unique plant proteins. Complete Lean protein powder is a weight loss protein powder made with whole food nutrients to curb hunger, support blood sugar and sustain energy. Complete Meal is a nourishing plant-based meal replacement powder. I can honestly say that PlantFusion figured out a way to keep the taste delicious despite their strict production requirements and measures.

While I like all of the products from the new line, I think everyone should start with the Fermented Superfood Protein because I have never seen anything like it and I don’t know any other brands who offer a similar protein and probiotic blend. I think you’ll like it as much as I do.

Ready to give PlantFusion a go? Use the code: Elissa30 for 30% off your complete order HERE.



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