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My Thanksgiving Survival Guide


Thanksgiving day is upon us and while people are preparing to cook up their infamous feasts, I spend my day mindfully prepping for the holiday feast.

I want to share my pre-Thanksgiving regimen with those of you who may be a little nervous about this upcoming day of indulgence so you can relax and settle your minds and bodies. With so many mouth-watering recipes and dishes floating around, Thanksgiving has become more about what we are eating, than who we are eating with. One of the first things I do to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner is create my mindset by focusing on the fact that this holiday is about friends and family, not so much the food.

With an adjusted mindset, I start my morning with 16 ozs. of filtered water with lemon and Dr. Ohhira’s Professional Strength Probiotic,  Certified Organic Pure Synergy Multi-Vitamin and Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. Lemon water and these supplements strengthen my immunity and curb any cravings I may have throughout the day.

To make sure I get all my nutrients for the day, I have a green juice with romaine, fennel, parsley, cilantro, lemon, ginger, turmeric, 1 tablespoon of chia seeds, 1 tablespoon of flax seeds, and 2 tablespoons of hemp hearts. Adding these plant seeds keeps me satiated and feeling energized, especially important on Thanksgiving so we don’t show up starving and consume everything in sight.

Before fueling myself with a plant based lunch I try and sneak in about 20 minutes of me time. It is important to take this time and really connect with yourself to be centered and keep yourself on track with your Thanksgiving goals. A walk, hike, yoga, or meditation are all self-reflecting options that will lower cortisol. My pick on this specific holiday is a walk in the fresh air so I can connect with nature and feel a little bit of fall.

My next go-to in preparation of Thanksgiving is a green, raw salad with vegan protein and healthy fats. I go vegan till turkey! This year I am going to be eating my all time favorite brussels sprouts slaw.

Before it gets too close to dinner, I make sure to take my Digest Gold ATPro digestive enzymes to ensure proper digestion. Don’t forget, I’ve still been hydrating all day with water!

Doing all of these preparation tactics really makes me feel confident that I can enjoy my night and eat smartly without waking up exhausted and with a yucky stomach.

Once dinnertime arrives one of my most important Thanksgiving tricks is to avoid over snacking. If I must though, I choose to pick on raw veggies or single out the clean foods. Mingle with the guests, not the appetizers!

Walking up to a huge, colorful buffet can be overwhelming, but here is how I create my plate! 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein, 1/4 carbs. Make yourself full with warm, hearty veggies, and switch the protein and carbs from main dishes to side dishes.

While I’m still feeling great at my holiday get-together, I’m ready for dessert! My limit is just one, though sometimes I get stuck wanting to try them all. If I can’t resist, I make myself a sample plate of just a sliver of each so I’m still eating the same amount as just one dessert, but with the tastes of them all.

My Thanksgiving regiment has turned this devouring, food-centered holiday into just another enjoyable meal and for that I am thankful.



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