Naked But Nutritious

I know going out to dinner can be fun and exciting, but not every night.  Also, take-out can get very boring and expensive. There is something so satisfying about a nutritous, home cooked meal.  I say, why go out to eat when cooking at home can be easy, healthy, delicious, and affordable?  And with the right techniques and ingredients, preparing your meal can be quicker than picking up take-out.

Margaret Floyd (author of Eat Naked) has written another great cookbook, called – Naked Foods. I know you’re probably thinking they both have to do with being naked…sorry, no such luck!  You’ll have to leave that to Fifty Shades of Grey.  The Naked Foods Cookbook shows how to create whole, organic, and fresh, “naked” meals that maximize the natural nutritional value of food. When we eat out or buy commercially made food, we get harmful additives, preservatives, or empty-calorie fillers.

This cookbook is well-suited for people who lead busy lives.  Each recipe is organized around the time it takes for you to prepare each type of dish: “in a rush” recipes take ten minutes or less, “every day” recipes take twenty minutes or less, and an “impress the neighbors” section offers more time-intensive recipe selections. I seek to control the quality of ingredients and nutrients in my food so I  turn to this cookbook time and time again for affordable, naturally delicious meals.  After you make a few meals from it, you’ll make it your go to source for fun, fast, and fabulous food ideas!

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