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Oil Pull for Your Health!


Dental hygiene is typically broken down into two main activities – brushing and flossing. What if there was one more thing to add to your regimen that would not only improve the health of your teeth and gums but also deliver major healing for your whole body?

OIL PULLING is an ancient ayurvedic technique that reduces inflammation, keeps your immunity high and reduces bacteria. Oil pulling has been done for thousands of years, but was only introduced to western culture about 20 years ago.

Mouth health reflects the health of the rest of the body.  Since micro-organisms are fat soluble, as you swish, the oil flushes through your teeth and around your gums, pulling viruses, parasites, bacteria, fungi, and the toxic waste from these little critters into the oil, which you subsequently spit out.  These nasty critters contribute to everything from stinky breath and gum disease to bigger issues of heart disease, arthritis, and infections – all triggering inflammation in our bodies which open the door to diseases and susceptibility to cancer.

Here are some of the notable health benefits of oil pulling:

  • Increased metabolic effects
  • Removes disease causing organisms, increasing immune function
  • Improvement in symptoms from chronic disease, through healing and detoxifying
  • Improved skin, including clearing up of acne, benefit to those who suffer from exzema, psoarisis and overall improved skin texture and tone
  • Improved cardiovascular health (gum health is linked to heart health!)

Here are 7 easy steps to oil pulling:

1.  Oil pull in the morning, even before brushing teeth or having your first food for the day.  There is no rule on frequency, consistency is best, but listen to your body, take a break from it on days you feel like it.

2.  Measure between a teaspoon and tablespoon of cold pressed, organic, raw coconut oil (you can also use organic olive, sesame, sunflower oils, but I prefer unrefined, raw, high heat coconut oil as the flavor is very mild) and swish in your mouth for between 15-20 minutes.  Benefit occurs after 15 minutes, so spitting early is not advised.

3.  No gargling required, don’t allow oil to reach throat and stick to the mouth swishing only. Do not swallow the oil.  If you need to swallow, keep oil in mouth.  Use the same technique as you would for mouthwash.

4.  Be sure to SPIT not swallow upon completion.  Swallowing washes all the “bad stuff” into your digestive tract and is a no!  Be conscientious of where you spit.  If you have a septic system, you will want to spit in the trash to eliminate issues in plumbing.  All others should use the toilet at best spitting receptacle

5.  The consistency of the oil will be foamy and almost milky when you spit, this is the normal, as it indicates the toxins in the oil.  You can “test” to see when complete the oil will be a milky white color, indicating that it is doing its job!

6.  Rinse your mouth out thoroughly with warm water, repeat.

7.  Brush your teeth and floss as usual.  Upon completion your mouth should feel clean and super fresh!

If you can stick to oil pulling over time, you will notice effects generally within the first month to two months.  By pulling bacteria and toxins out of your blood more often, you stand to benefit as soon as you start!



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