Superfood Protein for a Prettier You

I hear from so many people,  “I would give up meat, but I don’t know where I ‘d get my protein from!”  I’ve thought about this complaint a lot.  

Hormone free, grass fed animal protein contains the most complete assembly of amino acids, however too much meat is not cleansing and it’s a myth that animal protein is the only optimal form because it’s the most complete.  Plus, depending only on meat for protein can make you look dull, saggy, and dried out.  Meat is a very toxic carcinogen and  a new study in the Archives of Internal Medicine found that daily consumption of red meat can result in a 13 percent increased risk of mortality. You won’t look good when your six feet in the ground!

The best approach to protein is to look for synergistic forms from a wide variety of sources. Elephants are massive animals who eat nothing but grass, proving you can thrive on plant based diet.  I am sure you have heard of superfoods: nutrient dense foods that assist metabolism of, improve digestion, aid weight loss and provide an intoxicating array of vitamins and minerals.  Superfoods can supply a plant-based diet with essential protein levels.  Additionally, superfoods are great source of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals that protect and enhance your appearance. Below are the best superfood souces for protein, so you can get the nutrients you need and support your lovely looks!

1. Wild Blue-Green Algae – a super complete protein, great for relaxing, and sustains energy.  Add a few tablespoons of this algae to smoothies and drinks.
2. Spirulina–  great for those seeking to lose weight. One ounce contains 16g of protein!
3. Bee Pollen – dense form of protein that also fights allergies. Use: Sprinkle on salad, smoothies, and cereal (hot or cold)
4. Goji Berries -contain 18 amino acids and supply a boatload of vitamin C. Use: Add to smoothies, granola/ trail mix, and salads
5. Quinoa – a complete protein and gluten free as well. Use: Replace rice, flour, oatmeal, and make interesting delicious salads
6. Buckwheatsee my previous post
7. Hemp – a complete source and a rich source of Omega-3 and Omega-6.
8. Chia Seeds –  a perfect food, containing essential fatty acids, protein, as well as being a soluble fiber.

All of these foods are not only high in protein, they’re chocked full of other amazing nutrients you need to feel strong, feel healthy, and look youthful and energized.


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