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The Beauty Membership My Hair Loves

I’ve tried countless hair products to nourish, protect, and hydrate my hair. But quality haircare can be expensive, especially when I have to try so many products to find one that meets my high standards. So, when I heard that BEAUTY PIE  has luxury hair care products, I was intrigued.

BEAUTY PIE is an annual membership club I’ve shared before that I’ve been loving. It’s a one-stop shop for everything luxury: makeup, skincare, haircare, body care, supplements and fragrance. The yearly membership is $59, and it’s been a total game changer! I’m able to get access to premium skincare and haircare products from the world’s leading beauty labs without the industry markup. Members get an exclusive discount on products – up to 75% off traditional retail prices.

The first product I ever tried from BEAUTY PIE was an incredible hydrating serum called Youthbomb 360 Radiance Serum. And let me tell you, it’s amazing! I use it every single day. After seeing such great results, I decided to try out their new haircare line, too. Here’s what I tested:

Super Healthy Hair™ Volume Booster

Talk about volume! I’m so impressed by this lightweight and hydrating hair serum and the voluminous effect it has on my hair. It’s similar to hair oil, but it packs a bigger punch. I don’t need to use any other volumizing treatment to give my hair a bouncy, shiny look. The description says it’s like caffeine for hair, and I couldn’t agree more! I typically skip hair serums and oils because my hair can feel greasy and heavy, but BEAUTY PIE’s volume booster feels invisible and gives my hair the extra shine and bounce I love. And, it’s only $7 with the BEAUTY PIE membership. Without the membership, the product is $20.

Super Healthy Hair™ Moisturizing Conditioner

Before trying this moisturizing conditioner, I rarely noticed a difference between hair conditioners. Boy, was I wrong! BEAUTY PIE’s conditioner turned my heat-damaged hair into smooth, healthy, shiny tresses. It contains coconut oil, vitamin E, and quinoa to protect color and shine. Plus, the delicious scent stays with me throughout the day. And this conditioner is $10.50 with the BEAUTY PIE membership, which is cheaper than most drug store brands! The conditioner would cost $25 without the membership.

Super Healthy Hair™ Strengthening Shampoo

This sulfate-free shampoo is terrific for softening, shining, and strengthening my hair. It’s safe for color-processed and heat-damaged hair that needs some extra TLC. My hair is less frizzy, shinier, and more full after using this luxurious shampoo. I’ve tried many different shampoos at all price points, and I can honestly say this is one of my favorites! My scalp can get easily irritated, but this shampoo is so gentle and calming. I love that I only need a tiny bit of shampoo for all of my hair. It’s a remarkable product that typically retails for $25, but only costs $10.50 with the BEAUTY PIE membership.

100% Silk Hair Scrunchies

Is there anything better than a silk scrunchie? BEAUTY PIE makes the best hair ties for curly, damaged, and brittle hair. The 100% pure silk exterior prevents damaging friction typical hair ties can cause. These silk scrunchies are made with a specially selected, super strong elastic interior that keeps hair secure. It’s a dream to wear these scrunchies while exercising and throughout the day. Plus, they are so cute! With the BEAUTY PIE membership, a set of four silk scrunchies is $19.50. That’s a great deal for 100% natural silk scrunchies that typically cost $35 without the BEAUTY PIE membership!


For more information on BEAUTY PIE, visit the website and use my code ELISSASENTME for $10 off your first purchase.



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