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[title size=”2″]THE PROGRAM [/title]

My personalized cleanse programs are a great option for people who are interested in cleansing and looking for a kick-start into a healthy lifestyle but who have reservations about doing an organized program. Perhaps it?s a menu that doesn?t sound appealing or an allergy keeping you away; maybe you don?t live close enough to pick it up or need to operate on your own schedule. My programs are 100% customized to your preferences, allergies, sensitivities and tastes.

We will start with an initial consultation so you and I can discuss how to perform the cleanse program within the structure of your current life, create a menu you?ll love, establish a system of support and address any other issues that might be holding you back. At the end of our program, I want you to feel like you have the education and the complete groundwork to move forward as your healthiest self. This is a cleanse week that will last a lifetime if you let it. We will address any issues: nutritional, spiritual, personal or otherwise that might be keeping you from living your best life and we will find a way to get you over to the other side.

[title size=”2″]HOW DOES IT WORK? [/title]

We will use the time during our consultation to discuss your current diet, your goals, and a program that works best for you. Your program can be all raw, mostly raw, it can consist of items you pick up or of items you mostly cook, or a mix. Cleansing should not be a stressful time, so I will make you a program that makes the most sense for you. We are all different and our bodies have many different and unique needs. This program will be designed to give your body exactly what it needs.

[title size=”2″]PRICE [/title]

$350 for a five-day program

*longer programs available, email for pricing

[title size=”2″]WHAT IS INCLUDED [/title]

Questions? I’m here to help. Call me at 323-596-0003 or email me at

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