Boosting Your Vibrational Energy Through Food

Repost from The Chalkboard This may come as a surprise to some, but high vibrational energy is just as important as nutrition and exercise when it comes to overall health. I can tell you, firsthand, that vibrational energy was a significant factor in allowing me to overcome numerous health issues. Changing my vibrational energy positively […]

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The Potent Powers of Bitter Greens

Photo Credit: Relish Health MD Imagine if you could take one supplement that would:  Help cleanse your liver Purify your blood Improve your digestion Reduce acid reflux, bloating, and gas Eliminate acne Lower high blood pressure Prevent anemia Lower your cholesterol Now picture this miracle supplement having no negative side effects, fillers, or additives. If you saw […]

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Eat Your Bitter Greens – Two of my Favorite Ways

The importance of eating bitter leafy greens regularly cannot be emphasized enough. Simply put, consuming leafy greens is what protects your body’s cells against cancer and disease. However, most Americans do not consume anywhere near the recommended daily amounts for greens. And bitter greens are consumed even less frequently, yet they boast so many significant […]

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My Favorite CBD Product for Quality Sleep

If you are having trouble falling asleep lately, you are not alone. Many people are experiencing restless nights and heightened stress these days and with everything going on, quality sleep is essential for optimal immune function, now more than ever!  As you may know from past articles, I am a huge fan of CBD. It […]

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Vegan Tomato Basil Tart

Picture: Well Vegan Honest talk: I am tired of cooking and stressed. And I have a feeling that some of you might be feeling the same way. That is why I am posting an easy-to-make recipe that is also super comforting. This tart is perfect for a simple lunch or dinner and comes together quickly. […]

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The Healthiest Choices for Dairy-Free Milks

 I am all for organic, grass-fed, hormone-free milk in moderation if it works for your body. But did you know that at least 65% of adults worldwide are lactose intolerant? If you drink milk regularly or have adult acne, chronic bellyaches, or bloating, I recommend swapping cow’s milk for a non-dairy alternative. Homemade dairy-free milk […]

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Raw Vegan Tacos with Cilantro Lime Dressing

In the warmer months, I make it a goal to eat as many raw foods as possible to increase nutrient consumption, lower inflammation, and support healthy digestion. Eating raw foods in a balanced way works best for me – if I have a raw lunch, I will go with a warm nourishing dinner (or vice […]

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