Walnut Fennel Soup

Do you know that feeling when you find two different ingredients that complement each other so well it’s as if their flavors were destined to dance together in your mouth? That’s how I feel about walnut and fennel. The earthy flavor of the walnuts and the mild licorice flavor of fennel is a combination that’s […]


The Effects of Aging on Bone Health

We all notice small changes as we age. Smile lines, crow’s feet, maybe a few (or many) gray hairs. Marks of wisdom, I like to say! Another aspect of physical aging you might notice is changes in bone and joint health. These changes can be minor—like experiencing less mobility or less flexibility in your elbows […]

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Zucchini & Artichoke Bundles

If you’re a fan of pesto and (vegan) cheesy goodness, this recipe is for you! Thank you for the inspiration @erekav. These Zucchini & Artichoke Bundles are as comforting as traditional homemade lasagna, but they are much healthier since they contain none of the commonly used refined flour or dairy. I love using Follow Your Heart’s vegan […]


Luxury Skincare’s Best Kept Secret

Some of my clients are surprised to hear that I consider more than nutrition when working to solve their health problems. As a holistic nutritionist, I am here to tell you: food is far from the only piece of your puzzle when it comes to your health! Although it is important to consider what you […]

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5 Ways to Calm Inflammation Naturally

One of my favorite things about being a holistic nutritionist is working with clients from all walks of life. Their symptoms, food preferences, lifestyle choices, and health goals all differ, and each of them is wonderfully unique in their own way. Getting to the root of their health problems is like a different puzzle that […]

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Warm Sorghum Salad with Trout

This Warm Sorghum Salad with Trout is one of my favorite salad recipes. The protein in the form of trout is nice and light, and the dish is packed with numerous veggies like asparagus, radishes, cucumbers, and more. My favorite part of this salad is the pickled onion because it adds some unique dimension and […]


Eggless Spring Frittata

Frittatas are one of my favorite foods to eat in the springtime. They’re light and flavorful, and you can always add more of your favorite herbs and veggies. My only issue with traditional frittatas is that they contain a lot of eggs. I try to limit my egg intake because they are loaded with cholesterol. […]


My 10 Current Health Obsessions

There are SO many wellness products on the market these days, which is both a positive and a negative. On the one hand, we have seemingly endless product options claiming to support just about any facet of health to choose from, which is fantastic. But on the other, it can be time-consuming and expensive to […]

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Lemony Rainbow Swiss Chard Pasta

Swiss chard is an incredible food. It’s an excellent source of vitamin A and vitamin K and a good source of vitamin C and magnesium. It’s also loaded with antioxidants like beta-carotene, lutein, and zeaxanthin. But I’ve learned that many of my clients aren’t sure how to incorporate the leafy green into their cooking. There […]


The Ingredient I Always Add to My Morning Coffee

Many of my clients are surprised to hear that my mornings almost always include a small cup of organic espresso coffee (yum)! I love the whole ritual—the smell of the freshly ground beans, the warm mug to clutch, the little boost of energy it provides, and yes—I even love the taste!  Sometimes I add a […]

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