The #1 Book I Recommend to Clients

Reading is a huge part of my life. No matter where I am or what I have going on, books serve as a safe space for me to relax and wind down. Not to mention, they keep me up to date on newly emerging nutrition research. I consider a few books to be genuinely life-changing […]

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Vegan Verde Posole Soup

Introducing one of the most popular soups from my delivered S.O.U.P. Cleanse! Posole is actually another name for hominy, which is a corn product that is sold in whole and ground form. Contrary to popular belief, hominy is actually one of the most nutritious corn products out there. Hominy is high in fiber, plant-based protein, […]

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Types of Tofu: What’s the Difference?

Tofu is one of those foods that can be daunting. If you are anything like me, you have enjoyed really tasty tofu that left you wanting more—but you’ve also eaten tofu that made you wonder what all the hype is about. If you have ever tried preparing it on your own, you may have found yourself at […]

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Mag O7: My New Favorite Cleansing Tool

As an expert in the field of cleansing, I cannot stress enough how important it is to assure that your body is set up for success when it comes to eliminating wastes and toxins. That is why I am so excited to be adding a new supplement to my S.O.U.P. Cleanse that does just that […]

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How I’m Restoring My Inner Calm Post COVID

Are you feeling more stressed as things return to normal post COVID? I am, too. And we’re not alone. 84% of people said they are experiencing higher stress levels a year after the start of the pandemic, according to a report from the American Psychological Association.  Although this year was really challenging, I was able […]

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Salmon Patties with Coleslaw

I’m not a huge fan of beef patties because I try to avoid red meat whenever possible. But in the summertime, I absolutely love to eat burgers! That’s why I’m constantly on the lookout for healthier alternatives to beef patties. These Salmon Patties are one of my favorites! They are loaded with flavor, protein, and […]


Herb Chopped Salad

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I cannot get enough crunch in my salads these days. I recently developed a crunchy lentil salad recipe to fuel my crunch addiction, and this Herb Chopped Salad is arguably even crunchier than that one! Between the celery, radish, cucumber, and walnuts, you may have to […]

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The Collagen Dream Team You Need

There are so many different kinds of collagen on the market these days, so I am more selective than ever about what type I use and recommend to clients. Further Food’s Chocolate and Vanilla Dream Team bundle comprises two of their most popular collagen peptide products, and I love both delicious flavors equally. The collagen in the […]

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Smashed Spring Peas on Toast

Sure, you’ve had avocado toast. But have you ever had Smashed Peas on Toast?! This recipe is for anyone who is sick of having the same old thing for breakfast every morning. It’s a flavorful change of pace that’s loaded with protein, healthy fat, and antioxidants. And if you’re not a fan of toast, you […]

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