10 Surprising Health Benefits of Snuggling

Very few things in life are as wonderful as snuggling up with someone you love. When you look at the anatomical image of a human heart, it looks nothing like the heart symbol we all adore. But, when two people meet chest to chest, their hearts come together as one to form the heart shape […]

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8 Steps for a Holistic Anti-Stress Protocol

If you experience stress and anxiety, know you are not alone. Stress and anxiety management is something I am persistently working on for myself, as it’s not as simple as I wish it were. It feels like each year, more and more stressors are weaved throughout society, so it feels almost impossible to escape the […]


Creamy Orzo and Acorn Squash

Is it just me, or are warm and cozy meals the only desirable menu items at the moment? In Los Angeles, we’ve been having temperatures dip down into the 40s! I know that’s not terrible for some areas, but for us thin-skinners, it is FREEZING. That’s why I can only bring myself to eat hot […]


Holiday Hack: Setting Healthy Boundaries

As we approach the holiday season, we typically find that our calendars and to-do lists quickly fill up with gift shopping, dinner parties, Christmas movie marathons, and family get-togethers. These occasions are all part of the joy of the season! Still, when we accept one-too-many holiday invitations or start putting everyone else’s needs above our […]

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Vitality Hormone Balancing Smoothie

I have been SO addicted to this Vitality Smoothie Blend powder. I have been using it to make smoothies several times a week and cannot get enough of it. Aside from the delicious naturally-sweetened vanilla flavor, it also boasts numerous health benefits such as hormone balancing. This Vitality Hormone Balancing Smoothie made with the powder […]


3 Healthy Soups You Need to Try This Winter

Nothing is more comforting and satisfying than a warm, cozy, nutrient-rich bowl of soup in the wintertime. I love cooking soups because I can load them with delicious vegetables and herbs that keep me feeling radiant inside and out. Plus, they make perfect leftovers for the week, so I can stay aligned with my health […]

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3 Hearty Winter Salads to Enjoy All Season Long

Who says you can’t enjoy salad in the winter? I’m not talking about lettuce, a few fresh vegetables, and a lackluster vinaigrette. I’m referring to a salad that contains robust ingredients that reflect the change of the season. With a decline in temperature comes increased cravings for warm, rich, and indulgent meals. Therefore, a winter […]

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A Holistic Nutritionist’s Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

As an expectant mother, the moment you hear your baby’s heartbeat for the very first time is truly indescribable! Your own heart meets the rhythm of your little one’s as feelings of joy, disbelief, gratitude, and amazement overwhelm you. But, once the excitement begins to settle, the reality of motherhood quickly sets in. The surge […]

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