Delicious Vegan Fajitas

Nothing makes me salivate more than the smell and sound of sizzling hot fajitas being delivered to my table. But over the years, I’ve chosen to avoid animal protein when I can. That’s why I’m so excited about this 100% vegan fajitas recipe. It is just as mouth-wateringly delicious as the traditional version, but it’s […]


The Role Stress Plays in Aging

Stress is a normal part of life that we all deal with – and can even be a good thing. Stress can lead to true transformation, motivating us to make change. Short-term stress, that is. Long-term, chronic stress, however, is the kind of stress we need to watch out for and manage – because it […]

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The Most Common Questions I Receive on Instagram

One of my favorite parts of my job is answering questions from people on social media! It makes me feel like I’m able to connect with and support my followers, even if they are not yet ready to book a one-on-one virtual session with me. Since there are several questions that I have repeatedly been […]


My Spring Commitment: Hydration

We hear it all the time—yet drinking enough water just doesn’t often make the priority list these days. Trust me when I tell you, though; staying on top of your hydration is worth the mindshare. Doing so has the power to improve nearly every facet of your health—from better sleep quality to nourished cells, lubricated […]

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A 62nd Birthday Commitment to Moving Slower (Plus 3 Takeaways)

Today is my birthday, and I’m spending the morning practicing deep gratitude. I’m taking in the joys of the new day: the cool morning breeze, the sun peeking through the clouds, the excited chatter of the birds flitting in the trees surrounding my home, and the feeling of endless possibility in the air. I’m also […]


Creamy Dandelion Soup

You may be surprised to learn that dandelion is a nutrient-dense green that boasts numerous health benefits. It’s a potent liver cleanser, digestive aid, antioxidant activity booster, cancer preventer, and it even works to help clear up skin. That’s why I incorporate dandelion greens in my diet as much as possible and why I’ve added […]


Simple Vegan Brownie Muffins

Many of my new clients are shocked when they learn that even as a Holistic Nutritionist I still indulge in treats like brownies. But even though I’ve dedicated my career to health and wellness, I’m still a human with a sweet tooth! And that won’t ever change. What has changed since I embarked on my […]


Healthy Aging Tips for Women

For women, society tends to depict aging in a negative light. The result is a widespread belief that getting older inevitably means having less energy, lower libido, bad skin, and a growing collection of health issues. I’m here to tell you this simply is not true. Aging is nothing to be afraid of – because […]

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Interpreting Functional Lab Results

When we base an individual’s health status on whether or not they fall within a given reference range, it assumes that: A) Health looks the same on everyone. We know for a fact this isn’t true because genetics, diet, lifestyle, and environment play a huge role in how our bodies function, and our risk for […]


Korean Vegetable Pancake

If you’re anything like me, your weakness is fried Korean pancakes! To be honest, it’s the dish I get most excited about whenever my girlfriends and I go out for Korean. It’s something about the combination of crunch and perfectly chewy center that makes me crave them at least a few times a month. But […]


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