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Apple Pie Smoothie

Although smoothies are often associated with warmer weather, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy them year-round! In fact, smoothies can be a great way to get a boost of nutrients during the colder months, when you may not be eating as many fresh fruits and vegetables. This Apple Pie Smoothie is the perfect example. Combining the flavors of apple, banana, and pumpkin spice, it’s a delicious and healthy way to enjoy the taste of apple pie even when it’s cooler outside. Plus, with the added benefits of cashew yogurt and almond milk, it’s a great way to stay nourished and satisfied. Protip: top with your favorite fruit and nuts for some extra oomph! Whether you’re sipping it as a quick breakfast or a tasty snack, this smoothie is sure to hit the spot.


1/2 honeycrisp apple, chopped
1/2 banana
1/2 cup walnuts
1/2 cup cashew yogurt
1/4 cup of Malk almond milk
1 T pumpkin spice seasoning
3/4 cup of ice


Blend all your ingredients together and enjoy!



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