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Creamy Street Corn Soup with Roasted Poblano

I grew up in the southwest, so naturally tacos, tequila, and chips with guacamole are amongst my favorites. I also have memories of traditional mexican street corn. That in-season, sweet corn brushed with butter, sprinkled with chili and topped with lime, salt and a sprinkle of fresh chopped cilantro is perfection. Soup just happens to be a great way to leave out the unnecessary ingredients (mayo and cheese!) and put those flavors into a bowl. The first night my fiance and I had this we pretty much skipped our dinner afterwards because it was so satisfying!

Makes 4 bowls  

2 T. grass-fed butter
1 T. olive oil
1/2 cup shallots, chopped
1-2 cloves garlic, minced
1/4 tsp. chili powder
1/2 tsp. sea salt (plus additional for seasoning to your liking
4 cups organic corn, fresh cut off the cob preferably (but you can use frozen organic sweet corn)
3 cups organic chicken or vegetable broth
1 cup full-fat greek yogurt (for vegetarian) or 1/2 cup raw cashews (vegan version)
1-2 poblano chili, roasted, peeled and de-seeded
handful Kite Hill cheese, crumbled
Optional garnishes: lime wedge, cilantro, diced jalapeno, corn kernals


First prep your poblano pepper. Oven roasting is most likely the easiest method, unless you have a grill and prefer that method. Pre-heat the oven to 425 degrees. Rub poblano with good quality high heat oil, place on a baking sheet and roast on each side (cook for about 7 minutes per side) until they are charred all around. Once the poblano pepper has roasted, place it in a heat-safe bowl and cover it with a dish towel. This traps the steam in the bowl and makes it easy to remove the skin. After your poblano has cooled to the touch, slice off the top of the poblano and to remove the stem and seeds.

Heat butter and olive oil in a medium stock pot over medium heat. Add the shallots and garlic with a sea salt and chili powder and saute until shallot have softened. Add your corn along with chicken stock and cook just until softened. Add poblano chili and cashews or greek yogurt (depending on the version you prefer) and Kite Hill cheese & transfer to a high-power blender.

Blend until smooth. Taste and adjust seasoning to your likeness. Garnish with fresh chopped cilantro, a squeeze of lime and optional diced poblano or jalapeno.

Image: YumUniverse



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